Zhao wei dating

Zhao wei dating

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And as soon as I was done working I could just fall asleep. Zhao also garnered another fashion award at the Pierre Cardin Awards. The series was a commercial success, and recorded the highest ratings of the year. Zhao rejected his courtship because she felt he was not mature enough. This is her first acting experience.

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The two remain as close friends and have collaborated in the movie Hollywood Adventures, a joint Hollywood-Chinese production. Some called to ban her work and prohibit her from show business. Whatever they'd give me, I'd do. Though she did not find her own performance fulfilling, Zhao considered it a valuable experience and a good start of her career. After this report was published, the hype surrounding the incident died down and the Chinese media seldom mentioned it again.

As a famous Chinese person, she should have been aware of such an important event in Chinese history. Zhao played an ugly-duckling steamed bun -maker-cum- taichi -master, a great contrast from the glamorous image she had established for herself in previous roles.

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Frequently I'd have to do both. Furthermore, nationalists combined with ultra-left media attack Zhao continuously. The court then rejected Zou's lawsuit against Zhao. Zhao regained the public's support.

The film set a new milestone in Chinese film by grossing million yuan in six days. That year, Zhao was ranked No. There were also suspicions that the incident was a set-up to ruin Zhao's career. One shot during the day, one at night.