Wwe Wrestlemania 25 Theme Song

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The action began with some brawling and some early teamwork from Big Show and Edge before their alliance crumbled. World Wrestling Entertainment. Santina Marella won by last eliminating Beth Phoenix. With Orton trapped in Bryan's submission hold, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon emerged from backstage and pulled the original referee out of the ring to prevent the match from ending.

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Cena countered another Sister Abigail attempt and hit another Attitude Adjustment for the win. The idea was for Michaels to push the referee out of the way, and pull Snuka into the path of Undertaker and for Snuka to catch Undertaker before he hit the ground.

WrestleMania XXV

WrestleMania XXV

Philadelphia Media Network. The match was changed to an elimination style match shortly before it got underway. He remained on the floor of the arena for some time, while Michaels revived the referee, rolling him back into the ring and having the referee start to count out the Undertaker.

WrestleMania XXV

The rivalry between Triple H and Randy Orton continued after WrestleMania when both men would meet in a six-man tag team match at Backlash on the following episode of Raw. Edge then speared Big Show, and sent a message that he would retain his title at WrestleMania. The event was the first WrestleMania to be held in the state of Louisiana. The Wyatt Family's entrance was voodoo -themed and performed live by a costumed Mark Crozer and the Rels. As Edge and Cena battled, qbasic for windows 8 32 bit Big Show walked down the ramp toward the ring.

As per a pre-match stipulation by Vickie Guerrero, if Triple H had been disqualified or had been counted out during the match, he would have lost the title to Orton. Early in the match, Triple H did everything in his power to hurt Orton without being disqualified in the process. Suddenly, Bryan got off the stretcher and crawled back to the ring, where he was set upon by Orton.

Triple H was put out of action after being punted by Orton after the events of the pay-per-view, while Shane was attacked by Legacy and was taken out on a stretcher. The next match pitted The Undertaker against Shawn Michaels.

If anything hurt us, it was that. Wyatt introduced a steel folding chair into the ring by tossing it to Cena, again begging Cena to use it on him and thereby ruin his own legacy. Two months later, Batista later suffered the same fate and was taken out of the building by security, while Triple H made his return and continued his feud with Randy Orton.

He then forced Jeff's head in between the seat and back of a steel chair, then executed the Twist of Fate with Jeff's head in the chair to win the match via pinfall. The finish came with Punk and Kane on top of the ladder, which saw Punk execute a series of kicks on Kane from atop the ladder, knocking him off. Orton started by targeting Bryan's injured arm to momentarily neutralize him. Before long, Jericho had caused Snuka to submit the Walls of Jericho. However, Snuka was standing too far back and Undertaker landed almost head first on the protective mats surrounding the ring.

Wrestlemania 25 theme song - video dailymotion

Wrestlemania 25 theme song - video dailymotion

This ultimately led to Jeff retaliating against his brother after weeks of passive resistance. After the match, Jericho challenged Mickey Rourke, sitting at ringside, to come into the ring. Medical personnel arrived and carted Bryan away on a stretcher. Punk's victory marked his second consecutive victory in the match. This earned Cesaro an attack from his former partner Jack Swagger, who destroyed Cesaro's trophy.

Due to Cena revealing the affair between Vickie and Big Show, much to the chagrin of all three. The first of these matches saw The Undertaker defeat Shawn Michaels. The pair played mind games with each other over the following weeks.

Punk went on to win the match after he grabbed the hanging briefcase. Cesaro went on to reveal that he had a new manager in Paul Heyman, who would replace Zeb Colter. Money in the Bank ladder match. Cena climbed to the top rope, but instead of attacking Wyatt, Cena dove onto Wyatt's henchmen Harper and Rowan at ringside.

Vince was just going to screw Bryan in the storylines and then push him down the card. However, Batista threw Bryan out of the ring and covered Orton instead, which resulted in a near fall. The next match was between John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

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Undertaker twice trapped Lesnar in his Hell's Gate submission, but both times Lesnar broke the hold by lifting Undertaker up and powerbombing him. Edge speared him, Vickie slapped him and Big Show drove his giant fist into Cena's ribs several times before clocking him in the jaw.

Undertaker won the match after Michaels attempted another moonsault only to be caught in mid-air, and landed into another Tombstone Piledriver. Shawn Michaels match by rating it a ten out of ten, his highest rated match. Bryan then served consecutive corner dropkicks to Orton and Batista, but then was suplexed from the ring to the outside by Batista.

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Kingston returned to the match but Sheamus later eliminated him. Hardy had managed to trap Edge between the ladder, climb it, and retrieve the hanging belt. Jericho accepted the challenge, but subsequently attacked and bloodied Flair. At ringside, Cena tackled Harper through the guardrail at the timekeeper's area. In other matches, Daniel Bryan wrestled in the pay-per-view opener, a seven-man ladder match, and won the Intercontinental Championship from Bad News Barrett.

Then, Triple H defeated Sting in another singles match. Why do babyfaces win at house shows? It was soon revealed that the match would involve the new challenger based on Cena extorting Guerrero with footage of the general manager having adulterous relations with The Big Show. Later, after Jey Uso threw Cesaro into Swagger, Jimmy Uso tagged in and the Usos landed a double superkick and then a double top rope diving splash on Cesaro to win the match and retain the titles.