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My compliments to the filmmakers on this ambitious undertaking. Canada celebrates joy and freedom with you. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. This was very touching indeed.

What a wonderfully uplifting video! As a part of the promotion, cool edit pro with crack a music video of the Spanish Celebration Mix was filmed and released for the song.

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May G-d bless you and your loved ones. Extraordinarily Joyful and a testimony of Hope both in and for this Land. His Name Was Nachshon Wachsman. Bring the Jewish People home. Best wishes to this great nation.

Waka Waka Shakira Waving Flag Knaan David Bisbal Official World Cup Song

Thank you from Las Vegas, Nevada! The version featuring will. From a Sephardi born in Puerto Rico. Does anyone else find irony in the name of the original singer K'na'an?

Stay very strong do not let happen what happen to the jews in Europe in the Nazi period. The key is hard work and closing eyes to discouragement believing that we are all called to be a winner through faith. Your email address is kept private.

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The tune and lyrics fit the occasion. Will visit again for sure. Thank you Aish for these uplifting and inspiring videos. Bundesverband Musikindustrie.

Truly God watches after the Jewish people! Yes wave the kachol ve laban forever am israel chai. He also performed at the World Cup kick-off concert.

This site uses cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Happy Birthday Israel, I love you and pray for you every day! Happy Birthday - and may the coming year bring peace to all!

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Cricket Song waving flag

My soul full with rejoice to see that beautiful nation and flags waving around all your country. How could we learn the words to your flag waving song? You made me want to go out to the streets and celebrate with the most beautiful flag in the world. Israel has the most beautiful flag of the whole world.

An exuberant and uplifting song and video - Happy Birthday to Israel! Things like these must be allowed to be downloaded free to people with pro-Israel sentiments! Be a light unto the nations by being strong yet continuing to show kindiness to all people, even your enemies. What a wonderful country was formed from the desert.

Kol Hacavod to all the Bnei chevra in the video. This article is about the song by K'naan.

We are regularly inspired and appreciat Aish. It makes me feel more optimistic! May the Almighty continue to watch over the Apple of His Eye. What's most amazing about this video is the reactions it gets. Best wishes to you all and your country.

Isn't it amazing they killed Bin Laden on the same day they got Adolph Hitler. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The ton of opinion is all about the recorded stuff, also many people have difficulty with this halacha and I was saying I didn't want to get into a full blown argument about it here.

God bless Israel, the sacred land, the land of my father's and brother's graves, the land were my mom's still living with my beloved niece Karina and nephew Ian! It does not mention even one word about Israel, or about being Jewish. If you have never spent at least a few months in Israel, do it.

My spirit celebrates with you as you dance in the streets of Jerusalem. My heart is with you always. Hockey Heroics and the Omer. Just look at all the Arab Countries. Beautifully done and very proud to be Jewish Orthodox Zionist.

Happy Independence day to the Land of milk and honey. The closest to a disagreement I ever found was whether a recorded voice is the same as a live one and if a group of voices is the same as one.

Waving flag

Waka Waka Shakira Waving Flag Knaan David Bisbal Official World Cup Song