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Plasma Brand resets the cooldown of Blade Barrage. Lowers the cooldown on Focused Defense. Useful on all fights, applies an extra armor debuff.

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When taken as a whole, the rotation fits together like the solution to a complex puzzle, a solution that suddenly explains that the puzzle is simple after all. Lightning Ghosts These are what I know are missing, probably more out there, cheers. Now sentinels are geting vindicator sets and guardians weapomaster. Of course, in actual boss fights this may not be possible, but for dummy practice to familiarize yourself with the rotation, you must be able to perform this. Freezing Force is clearly the highest damaging ability, so it should fill as many of those spots as possible.

As always, great job on the guide, but would it be possible for you to write a mirrored version of the guide for lazy people like me. Abilities Defensive Abilities The Vigilance Guardian has a variety of Defensive Cooldowns that serve a multitude of disparate purposes.

On a boss, downtime may make it so that you are not in any of these cycles, but having uptime will naturally realign the rotation so that you follow one of these three cycles. This section will go over optimal utility selection.

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Rydarus what are the stats for pvp in viglance that you are following and what augments ur using. May even want to use Saber throw in place of a blade barrage if desperate. Generates one stack of Force Rush on activation. The dots never become misaligned, though you are correct about vengeful slam, I definitely prioritize it differently than you. On actual bosses, you can sort of fudge it a bit, but the line is not simple, chicano music use personal discretion and always follow the above rules before experimenting with stuff like this.

Ive been away for a while and was hoping that the merge brought back life in the game. Be aware of which of the three cycles you have been placed in, or whether you are in one of the three cycles at all. Advanced players will be able to fool around with the priority of abilities in Empty. Blade Barrage While the damage of Blade Barrage may not seem all that amazing, the fact remains that it still is free, and still does damage.

Vigilance is not a complex specialization to understand, instead it is about the basics, done well. Do not become bound to the rotation, instead use it as a framework that can be deviated from. For those fillers, will be Sundering Strike, will be Whirling Blade, and that leaves empty spots. Then again, the only times I can think of where the burst window is that tight are Soa who cares?

Good to see there are still a few good people left who havent been chased away by the galactic command system. It answered all of my questions. Yeh seems they swapped names for some reason. Plasma Brand resets the cooldown on Blade Barrage. As such, these targets are guidelines, not hard rules.

Even in non AoE fights higher armor debuff uptime is a plus. Parentheses indicate any situational changes in rating. The goal of the rotation in this guide is not to tell you how to play the class, but how to learn the class.

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The ratings are based purely on how the spec performs in fights, not against stationary targets. When specced into Purifying Sweep, Vigilant Thrust applies an armor debuff to its victims. This is either because that utility is useless, or specific players might find them useful in situations others may not. You will always know what block you are in because the first ability after Plasma Brand will tell you which Cycle you are in. In that case, it is better to apply the full opener and realign the rotation, even if you delay DoTs.

Has BioWare bothered to fix this? The principle behind this is to increase your Cyclone Slash damage using your Burning DoTs, and keeping at least one DoT on all encountered enemies at once. As long as the spacing of the abilities outside of empty looks like this, one can technically modify all other priorities. The exception to this rule is if the downtime is enough that you can apply your full opener.

This allows for maximum rotational AoE, maximum single target damage with DoT uptime and Blade Barrage procs, maximum burst, and maximum Force Rush generation and consumption, simultaneously. On actual bosses, advanced players can decrease usage of this in favor of other fillers due to increased Focus generation. On actual boss fights, you should try to maintain this rule, but in the event of an interruption, assume the priority within the rule from top to bottom in order to realign the rotation. This is due to the reality that extremely high percentages of alacrity may not be completely optimal in actual boss fights with mechanics. Key part of your rotation.

Using Combat Focus or a fourth Sundering Strike generates enough focus to offset the increased focus consumption compared to Blade Barrage. When the duration of the cooldown is over the health is lost. You can use the disciplines calculator.

SWTOR 5.0 Vigilance Guardian PvE Guide by Rydarus

The Vigilance Guardian has many abilities that they must become familiar with before the actual rotation can be learned. Note that these ratings themselves are somewhat arbitrary. This DoT effect can be spread by Vigilant Thrust. An essential utility for fights like Dread Council or Hateful Entity, this utility allows a Jedi Guardian to self cleanse debuffs using Enure. Blade Barrage is, actually, very low damage.

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Is your primary AoE and part of your single target rotation. However until you can perform the rotation and get good numbers on the dummy without spamming Freezing Force, you will not reach your full potential on the boss. The Vigilance rotation centers around a single common static rotation with slots that allow for the drifting of certain abilities.

Looking at both of our parses, the min and max time under ability usage is the same, thus both your opener and the triple dot opener are achieving the same effect. Often for newcomers to the specialization, there is some difficulty wrapping the mind around this concept, but the fact is that it is very possible. Instead, the rotation can be resolved and adjusted on the fly in pretty much any scenario. Sparingly used filler when others are not available or you have been ranged.

You should be using Combat Focus close to on cooldown, as it gives you the extra resource to use one Freezing Force. Of course, you could always delay Vengeful Slam, but either way it forces you to disobey the first precept of the guide. Some will use Freezing Force instead of Blade Barrage. In general, you should try to pair the two abilities in relative proximity, before the next Sundering StrikeIn execute phase, Whirling Blow is available.

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If Plasma Brand is already off cooldown due to downtime shenanigans, use Plasma Brand first. However, certain situations may occur where you must use this ability. Your goal when practicing is only to use this ability as necessary.

As such, it is still a vital part of your rotation. Each cooldown has uses in many different scenarios. Before you as the player can understand how to play the class, you must understand a few crucial elements of the class. Makes Freezing Force do a substantial amount of damage and allows it to become a single target filler and AoE splash move.

This does not mean you can spam Strike and be a complete idiot to do amazing numbers, but it does mean that you must become comfortable resuming the rotation from every possible contingency. For example, a target may die before Freezing Force gets its full utilization, and your Whirling Blow might not be off cooldown.

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