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The headlight used in these scooters is excellent and stands out from the competition. The glovebox is a great spot to keep your ownership and insurance papers and maybe your lunch too. Kudos to Vespa for caring enough to make this anniversary edition. Attention to Detail Vespa is revered for its fit and finish and attention to detail. As urban transport, a Vespa is cool in a timeless way, a true classic.

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The Vespa S wins the style award but the gauges are harder to clean and prone to collecting water. The version of the Porsche faced a similar pseudo-crisis at about the same time, being the first with a water-cooled engine.

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However, lowering the ride height by an inch or two would likely improve the handling somewhat and eliminate the top heavy sensation. The styling of the Vespa S had been popular, but the omission of a glovebox and the single occupant seat is a draw back for some. Even if it didn't evoke fond memories of sunny Spanish sands, it would still be my scooter of choice. To prevent intruders, you need to need to turn the key to the lock position for the handlebars which also locks out the glovebox.

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You can clip a couple bags of groceries here, but venturing on the highway with a load of produce swinging in the wind might be pushing it. However, if you prefer the styling of the S then follow your heart because passion trumps practicality.

In the braking, suspension and handling compartments, these Vespa scooters fair quite well. This gives the front a modern look, at the same time abandoning a few of the rounded shapes from the previous model.

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Both models were sold through before being replaced by a new generation of small frame Vespa, the Primavera and Sprint. But that's about it as far as complaints go. The spring-back sidestand is a pain to use and you'll struggle to fit a full-face helmet in the under-seat storage space, although as it's quite long, the problem is more of shape than volume.