Validating seth on quantum physics

Validating seth on quantum physics

He saw that the duality was an absolutely general phenomenon extending to all physical nature. This is a useful but actually misleading comparison, because we are actually thinking about levels of reality. The Others love you for this. Seth explained that there are four universes where we live in and these four universes are part of a multitude of other universes. We have listened to the words that we must step outside of ourselves and look inwards.

He was gifted with a strange talent called the Pauli Effect. It is a very powerful tool for change. This is a father, therefore.

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When this channel was accomplished he was able to link his Symbols to the Symbols of Jane. This New World is the world of Aquirius. The horizontal circle consists of four colours. When Pauli entered the room, a so-called Pauli effect occurred. Jung institute took place.

This is the core of your identity, the psychic seed from which you sprang, with a multi-dimensional personality of which you are part. This is a big problem when you are Empathic from the Heart. The Inner Self also influences our exterior.

At this moment Symmetry is the most important issue in Physics. What we see and perceive are reflections, or so be it, symbols of what truly is, but because of the unreality of that image it can either be good or not-good as we ourselves choose to see.

They were always connected to something Pauli was Trying to Find Out. Matter, in short, is that shape the basic experience takes when the inner ego projects into the three-dimensional world. An inspiration is received when you are able to Articulate your Intuition.

They have to wait for the Magic Moment and when this moment appears they are taking over by the Creative Force. When the two worlds connect Synchronicity takes place.

Without any outer cause a Chinese vase fell onto the floor and the water poured out, resulting in a flood. Quantum theory essentially erased the difference between matter and fields, making reality a unity that exhibits the properties of both. The last one was not explained by Seth.

What we see and perceive
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We do not know the process that brought about the Big Bang bringing into being countless galaxies of the cosmos. Our minds interpret the sound and light waves as sound and colour, and the near emptiness of the atoms and molecules of the table as hardness.

At this moment

He found this bridge when he started to study Alchemy. He was a very intelligent Scientist involved in the creation of Quantum Mechanics. Imagine now, each one of you, your reflection in the pool. Artists use this called dead-lining to make sure their expression is the best they can do. This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary.

In this state she was taken over by an entity called Seth. To create thus from base material requires this material to be refined, to insert and influence emotions with other emotions. What Pauli discovered was that there are two worlds. The new age movement has continued to gain momentum as it has attracted many of the people who turned away from the hypocrisy of patriarchal religion. Past and Future coexist with the Present.

He was not a mathematician. Many very important discoveries in science appeared when people got into a highly intuitive state induced by Tension. Our physical universe is created by the power of our mental projections. The inner ego or unconscious mind is both purposeful and highly discriminating.