Updating n95

Updating n95

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We just need to clear up a few loose ends before packing up, and even this is optional in fact, but if you want to, you can reinstate the old product code. This will update the phone with the latest version of the firmware and then restart it.

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The product code is the code that identifies the model of the phone, the network that provided it and the region in which it was sold in order to have the correct languages installed. The process will take several minutes to complete and may cause your phones screen to flicker or go black. Note that by proceeding with the upgrade in the manner described hereafter you will void the warranty on your handset and you may lose some operator-specific functions. Charge your battery Make sure your battery has full power before starting the update process. Before proceeding I'd like to make a few points clear.

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What we're going to have to do is change the product code of the handset to that of a vanilla handset in the correct region. Make a note of it because you're going to put it back when you're done upgrading. Backup all your contacts, etc. Start by making a note of the current product code of your handset.

This will search for connected devices. Running out of battery during the update can seriously harm your phone, likely causing it not to start up.

By following the indications given here you accept full responsibility for your actions. Other regions receive the update over time and branded phones are usually the last if ever to get the latest firmware versions. To get your phone back to how it was contacts, etc. There will be no visible effect but the new product code will be written to the phone.