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The taxi driver was great until he asked if I wanted to put some music on, to which I said yes, expecting some decent tunes. Or does he just want to romance me longer before embarking on a kiss? He proceeds to buy us all a round of cocktails and shots, and then another. On a cocktail filled wibbly walk back from the toilets I decide that it is a sensible time to go home and eat a burger to soothe my tequila lined stomach.

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Realise it comes as a double as standard! He is damn fine, beautiful eyes and smile, from Mauritius but living in the big smoke. He asks if I would like a drink to which I reply wine, before I get a chance to specify the colour of even type, he orders two larges glasses of red.

After exhausting myself from the projectile vomiting and desperation not to destroy his expensive shoes which I incredibly manage! The flirtation between us is hot, teasing and affectionate.

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So I swiftly hail a cab, blame it on needing to catch a train and endeavour to hop in the cab solo. Is this actually Mr Emotionally Unavailable?

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What is it with me and brown loafer footed men? He suggests another bottle of wine. Does he just want to be friends? He proceeds to talk a lot about himself and has one of those loud over-gesticulating voices that tends to make people from neighbouring tables look round. He seems to get louder as the night goes on and I am almost feeling embarrassed as people start to look over.

We lose hours in the place. Two margaritas and two further double tequilas with my work pals later, he arrives.

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He loves to travel and dancing as much as I do, and the conversation flows. The conversation flows, as does the wine and we are having a great evening. He gave me a stash of cash and managed to con a Jamaican taxi driver to drive me miles home.

We have a wonderful evening, top dating sims for pc full of interesting conversation and laughter. He asks me about myself but then continues to butt in with stories about himself.

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