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Performed by Marjorie, with a Reprise from Jake. Must be the mango-kiwi shower gel. When Baby puts on her dancing dress, and the white gown at the end. She ends up sleeping with Robbie. Just like in the first film, Robbie tries to do this to Lisa.

Wealthy Katey and waiter Javier

The threat of the Cuban revolution looms over the story and finally happens on New Year's Eve. All in all, rather a good above-average episode. Penny, although she's more Ambiguously Brown. Frasier is angry that Frederick doesn't even want to spend time with him, and confesses to Martin he wanted to achieve some special moment with his son but can't even see that happenning.

While driving back from their dance performance, Johnny watches Baby change via the car's rearview mirror. We don't really know if Johnny and Baby continue their romance after the film ends as she's only there on vacation. Vivian, more so than in the original.

Wealthy Katey and waiter Javier. Penny and Johnny, though they may have been at some point before the story. Lisa offering to do Baby's hair, then hugging her as she breaks down. Take a drink everytime you see one.

The Musical and reminiscing about her time at Kellerman's. Baby's father tries to shelter her from the world, but unlike many examples of this trope, isn't overly smothering and deeply trusts her. Javier and Katey embrace, begin to undress.

Patrick Swayze appears in several scenes as a dance teacher. He then forces Martin to go along with them as well, despite Martin's protestations. When the team owner and fans think that Bobby that it is a ploy to get more money in his contract, the public begins to turn against him.

Later, when he rejects her for Baby, Vivian accuses him of stealing it. Anyone planning to do something like that can't be that bad. You two have listened to enough of my problems tonight.

It's just a rope swing - wait until he sees the drying leaves. Hope you enjoy getting your stomach pumped. The real conflict happens when he has a misunderstanding about Johnny being involved in Penny's need for an abortion. It was also nice to see Frasier and Frederick finally bonding at the end of the episode.

If anything, Max doesn't see Tito as merely an employee, but also as a friend and confidant as well, and thus treats him as an equal. The next morning, they're snuggled together, with him shirtless and her wearing his shirt. He listens when I talk now. Penny is considerably friendlier in the remake than her film counterpart, and Lisa and Baby's relationship is less antagonistic.

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Frederick returns to ask if he can have dinner with his new freinds in the next cabin but Frasier forces him to have dinner with them. The remake is three hours long and features a couple of new characters, some added character backgrounds, and a couple of minor subplots.

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The Marilyn wig Baby tries on at the start of the film reappears on someone else's head during the talent show. Baby's father learning of her sexual relationship with Johnny. You always smell so masculine after exercising. Wealthy Baby and wrong-side-of-the-tracks Johnny. In the end Johnny catches up with her, and she wrote a book about the experience, upon which the musical is based.