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Beyond Whiteness – Tim Wise

Meanwhile, whites, at more than three-fourths of all users, make up only ten percent of those locked down for a drug offense. Yet, at the federal level, where most of the distribution arrests are made, only one-fourth of those busted are white. So with that said, does white America really want to end institutional racism? Even if we make the absurdly high estimation that half of that white total is ethnically Hispanic, caleigh rykiss yahoo dating this would still mean that around four in ten dealers are Caucasian.

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Well, in there were roughly one million arrests for drugs in the U. As for drug dealers, evidence from the Justice Department suggests that blacks are only sixteen percent of persons who sell drugs, while whites including Hispanics are eighty-two percent. Are we really prepared to give up the advantages to which we have grown accustomed? Beyond percentages, what does this mean? Although I find it hard to believe they could have missed the underage drinking or the smell of pot smoke hanging in the air, never once did they search anyone, raid the house, or make a bust.

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After all, a hundred thousand or so less blacks carted off to jail each year is a hundred thousand or so who will suddenly become available to move next door or date your daughter. The cops know, the Administration knows, and the city police know too. But in truth, the numbers looked nothing like this at all. From this point it is quite simple to calculate the magnitude of white privilege within the war on drugs.

For the white and economically advantaged, drugs have been essentially decriminalized for a long time. Or do we deep down want to be treated like members of a group, so long as the group is the one being afforded the free pass?

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Do we really want to be treated as merely individuals? Indeed much of white America owes damn near everything we have to the existence of racism within the war on drugs. Over the course of the last decade, that would mean that tens of thousands of whites who sold drugs escaped notice, arrest and long-term confinement. And we know how most white folks feel about that.