The problem with dating today

The problem with dating today

Your estrogen levels are going up as you feel you're getting something from her. There is nothing to be learned from something that is fake, phony, and fabricated. My girlie hormones are going up.

Now I'm not saying be a masochist all the time, life is a balance of difficult and easy, difficult and easy, but it's doing that which is difficult but having a meaning to it. So that was solved and she did not like it, but so what, I have to take care of me.

And you've had such a long

All my meditation and whatever, I could leave the world and be really high, but I couldn't perform in the world and feel good enough. The first step is you do something because it makes you happy. See women, when they are upset, when they're threatened, their brain is filled with emotion. John, welcome to the show. There was no longer any argument.

Your estrogen levels are

And that's why women wear so much makeup, that's why everything about women is pretend. We have oxytocin as men, we can feel it, but it's not controlling our stress levels.

And you've had such a long career. That should make her happy. And you get better and better at dodging.

But for women, it's about who she is and that's determined primarily about how she feels. So I'm on stage teaching this idea. There's a male hormone called testosterone that dominates men and when a men is confident, taking action, motivated, considerate, romantic, always his testosterone levels are up. The most powerful serotonin producer is talking about what's bothering you.

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No, I'm doing the big stuff. Okay, I know your girlie side, now I can listen to those reactions inside myself and not act on them, that's the most important thing. Well women become alive not necessarily in sex, although they love sex and all that, but through the connection they're feeling with a guy.

First of all, you said something about we need to stay cool. Maybe if you are, but after you're having sex and babies and that whole thing, they'll lose it. You feel like fulfilled, but your oxytocin levels are going up. And if she's blaming us, the only way to solve that problem is to explain to her she's wrong for blaming us and all of that's called arguments and that the anatomy of an argument.

It makes them happy when they first get it, but then they're not happy. Don't validate your girlie side.

It's a sexist thing to say women are more emotional except they are. That's the mission and purpose, the deeper level of men is that everything about testosterone is sacrificed for noble cause. There's just something about when you have a coach who teaches you, you've made a commitment to it and they can hold you accountable to it.

It happens for different reasons. You do small changes and if they're the right changes, they make a big difference and then she will give you lots of love and support.

My girlie hormones are