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Symantec live update not updating

Some updates require a restart and can cause this message if you have not restarted. Once the machine has restarted, you have successfully uninstalled Symantec. Once installation is finished, you may need to reboot to insure all updates are installed. When you type the password into terminal, it will not show any characters, but terminal still is taking the input in.

The following window

Definitions not updating for Symantec Scan Engine - TechRepublic

In order for the uninstall to be complete, you must restart the machine. LiveUpdate must be running in Interactive mode for this second message to show up completely. Follow the instructions in one of the next two sections, depending on what is displayed in the Details box. Under the Tamper Protection tab, uncheck Protect Symantec security software from being tampered with or shut down.

This section describes the process of uninstalling and reinstalling Symantec. The following window will appear.

This section describes the process of

The update process was unable to complete successfully. You will see the following screen, which will disappear once the installation and updates have finished. This may open a security warning. These instructions are in collapsed sections.

Follow the instructionsIn order for the uninstall to

How to view that message, and what to do when you see it or if you do not is described next. Symantec Endpoint Protection is now installed and completely updated.

LiveUpdate must beUnder the Tamper Protection