Surround sound hookup instructions, looking for more

Fortell oss det, det tar ikke lang tid. Realize this when you consider buying the entry-level model, so you're aware of the extra steps involved. That optical digital cable should be all you need. Spending some time testing your system can make the difference between a good system and a great system. Run wire from each speaker to the receiver.

Whichever audio output is operating at the time will cut the audio output on the other. We've tried changing them and no Emily S. For most audiophiles, this is the fun part. Whatever your method, get those speakers wired and start enjoying your full surround system, as soon as you can.

How To Hook Up Surround Sound - Connect your Surround Sound Home Theater

Where Do I Place My Speakers

  • If you want a really clean look, or think you will be moving your speakers or equipment anytime soon, installing banana plugs or spade plugs on the ends of your speaker wire is extremely helpful.
  • An interface that allows music, video, or photos to play directly from host devices.
  • Another cool aspect of networking capability is that some sound bars can work as part of a wireless multi-room music system.
  • Let's start with the subwoofer.

Op de Logitech-website worden vele talen ondersteund. If you don't have the proper cables, you can find them online or in tech department stores. For Tech Support, call Begin chat. Pour plus d'informations, consultez la rubrique avant droit.

While you can follow general instructions to get decent sound out of your speakers, the best way to optimize them for perfect sound is by reading their manual first. Awesome step by step instructions. Each surround sound system will have a slightly different set of instructions detailing the best way to set it up. First, speed dating erfahrungsberichte we need to look at the types of connections you will encounter.

How do you suggest I proceed? Page Alustamine Milline on teie arvamus? Redirect Notification As of Nov. Get real help from an expert like Brad Contact us. First I will explain some basic concepts, my daughter is then go through a common scenario of hooking up equipment.

How to get started setting up your home theater system

Consult your sound bar's manual for specific setup information. It helps when sound pans from left to right, and keeps dialog synced with moving mouths on the screen. The more resistance a cable has, the more it will affect the frequency response which is possible at the end of the cable run. To switch the subwoofers I have to manually switch the plugs i have marked inside and outside at the back of receiver. And when you do you want to be able to upgrade your system hassle-free.

  1. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.
  2. Setup code list and setup proceedings to many popular brand remote controls are given.
  3. It would allow you to use your receiver for its processing power and connections, but you'd still get the streamlined footprint of a bar.
  4. And a lot of times making sure you properly install your surround sound speakers is another big step towards being upgrade-ready.
  5. You will get a system set up quickly and working properly.
  6. Tower speakers and bookshelf speakers must be connected in phase.

Tips for Hooking Up Speakers

Our day money-back guarantee. Do not connect the front speakers to one another via speaker wire. Xbox The Xbox is pretty easy to setup.

Looking for more


Sound Bar Connection and Setup Guide

Here I am taking advantage of the sound bar's Bluetooth connection to stream music from my phone. Not finding what you are looking for? You will need something the strip the wire back, typically a wire stripper, dykes, or utility knife will work. Place the subwoofer near the center of the home theater.

Now that I've gotten this sound bar hooked up, it's fun to see what it can do. The sound on the new Visio is awful and thought I could get better sound this way till replace tv in a few years. Related Question Lost owners manual and trying to hook surround sound and need to know where to hookup the amp.

Basic Home Theater AV Set Up Guide - Hooking It All Up

You can purchase them online. We'll call you back when it's your turn to talk with the next available. Have the correct audio, video, and loudspeaker connection cables, and at the right lengths. Loudspeaker Placement Guide. Your receiver will slowly power on after doing so, local dating classifieds though it may take several minutes to completely come online if this is the first time you're setting it up.

Pay attention to the correct polarity positive and negative - red and black and, make sure the speakers are connected to the correct channel. All I want to say is thank you so much. You can't post answers that contain an email address.

10. Use the Right Speaker Cables

Also, go into the sound settings and turn on surround sound. Raise the surround channel speakers. Unlike powered speakers, the average surround sound speaker can't project audio on its own.

How to Hook up Surround Sound All About Home Electronics

Below is a list of common devices and what settings you should make sure to check on each one. Tips You may have to tweak individual item settings before your surround sound system setup is complete. Is it possible that the youview remote has the same code as Sharp system?



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In most rooms you won't be able to place your speakers in the perfect spots. Warnings Be extremely careful not to attach bare speaker wire to a plugged-in item, as doing so may result in a short or an electrical shock. You can't have two audio outputs running at the same time. Connect the speakers to each other.

Share your experience with Bill Crutchfield. Learn how to take advantage of all the features a sound bar offers. Because most people are not hermits watching movies in solitude, you will probably have a variety of seating locations. Depending on the model, the sound bar may be muted when you transmit sound via Bluetooth to another device, or it may continue to play.

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