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Anant's cousin's wedding is in Kanpur. He is a true traditionalist who runs a publishing house. She is bossy, rude and has a lot of attitude. He is not really involved with the family business.

She is a loving and caring mother to Anant and the only family member who understands his ambiguities. She asks Renuka to talk to her about it. He has a sharp tongue and is a stern father. On the surface he looks like any urban guy with a modern approach to life, but deep inside he is a traditionalist. It is for this reason that he is highly respected by everyone, including his near and dear ones.

Navya then gets ready for Anant's family to go and see her when she remembers she has to cook something for them. She is getting married to Nikhil. Later Shankar Anant's grandfather agree to fix an alliance.

She is a widow with lots of attitude. Sometimes she gets close to Anant's friend Harry. She takes both to a corner to warn Anant to stop all this as she doesn't want any problem. He gets angry on learning of Navya's affair but later learns that Anant and Navya's love is true.

Anant's baba agrees that Navya and Anant can marry but there is one condition they lay if she will be in their house. His Chacha ji can stay at home and says that with this he will know about his responsibilities. Anant doesn't want to stay away.

Her family is quite conservative and she tries to strike a balance between traditions and modernity to keep herself and her family happy. She is an exemplary housewife and mother. Europe Albania Top Channel. Anant came and apologised to him.

He has a set of strict rules for Navya to safeguard her from the bad world outside. Navya confesses about Anant and her relationship. Anant was seen by Navya's mother when he surprised her to wish her a happy birthday. She tries to get Anant married with her sister. Anant's family leaves and so does Navya's family.

Navya feels nervous and does not want to go out. Dadiji understands what Navya is going through and helps her along the way. Anant goes to Navya's house to take her to college, when he accidentally calls her dad papa.

Her chirpiness and innocence makes her incredibly lovable. His dream for his daughter is to get a college degree followed by a happy married life.

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When the families learn about their relationship, they get angry. He willingly follows whatever course his family charts for him without any protests. Archived copy as title link. She knows when something is wrong and Navya is trying to hide it. She shares a great bond with Navya.

Love marriage is not allowed. Anant's father come to talk to Anant about why he is not with his family and goes back then. His baba says that Anant can go to Kanpur.

Current broadcasts on StarPlus. Navya is an Indian television drama series that aired on Star Plus. This is the list of current, upcoming and formerly broadcast series by the Indian television channel StarPlus. When he sees Navya, bullet for my valentine temper temper he falls in love with her. Navya's mother is very disturbed to learn about the relationship and sends Navya to Kanpur with her dadi and tells Navya that she will not be in touch with Anant.

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He is an eminent speaker and often lectures people about traditions and their relevance. Father and his baba want Anant to stay home and look their business.

She falls in love with Anant. In all senses, he is a self-made man. She is innocent and believes in fairytale romances.

Anant's father orders Anant to forget Navya and Navya's father. He is the backbone of the Bajpai family.

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He doesn't wants Shagun to marry Anant. She is chirpy and has an extravagant lifestyle. He goes to meet Anant's father to meet and talk about his son. She is a conformist and an ideal daughter-in-law.

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