Speed dating in movies

Speed dating in movies

Sure, sounds plausible enough, but it came off as a weak result. However, I was bored senseless throughout the movie and there weren't really that many laughs. If you are in for an evening of comedy and fun, you are better off with another movie. Be entertained anywhere, anytime.

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So I watched it with a clean slate and no expectations. The higher the rating a source file has - the better. To learn more about how to save videos to your computer, you can read this help topic.

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And that made the movie a rather dull and colorless experience. It was, for me, the type of movie that you watch once and it will fall into oblivion. We welcome feedback so let us know how you got on.

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For a comedy movie it failed to pack any good punchlines, failed to crack laughs, and failed to be interesting. Most of the other characters in the movie were lacking personality and failed to shine on the screen. You'll never be bored again.