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Failures are inevitable, but they are also the inevitable process to success. Cheng is dedicated to advocating Democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. Our Guest of Honour, an Alumna, Mrs. The view from the top was unbeatable.

To cultivate positive thinking in students and empower them to be persevering and resilient to challenges Through the sharing of our alumni, Ms. Professional trainers were invited to teach our students how to control the drone for the aerial photography. We had a bittersweet moment of bidding farewell to Mr.

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Students were then asked to solve several challenging tasks which provided them with opportunities to build capacities and cooperation among the teammates. Seventy students coming from F.

In the past, I spent most of my time putting myself down, thinking there is no way I could do it. Students were able achieve personal breakthrough, and more importantly, they were given the chance to learn to lead the team and communicate effectively with their teammates to achieve their goals. They were engaged in different learning activities such as field work, data processing and analysis under the supervision of experienced instructors. These interactive facilities made learning a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The crowd cheered as the dancers showcased their flexibility and techniques.

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Overcoming fears has given me a great sense of success. We were able to see the beautiful appearances of the living things that we had not paid attention to before. Each person can obtain a maximum of four tickets for one of the sessions. We have learnt that we should be brave to do the right thing in order to uphold justice. Law, fired the starting pistols, eight representatives from the swimming team leapt into the water simultaneously.

On the first few days of the trip, they joined a series of excursions to Rotorua and Tauranga. They were the source of enormous support for their house representatives joining the competition.

The smile on the face of our F. Students are advised to check their personal data on the certificates. The collaboration was a success.

After finishing the brain teasing challenge, the participants enjoyed apple pies and pizza together. Being forced to work continuously in the repetitive work of folding t-shirts, the students experienced the desperation and suffering of many workers in third world countries.

Let us thank the participants for their marvelous performance and congratulate St. Acquainting themselves with the new environment, they joined in the fun. Students have achieved an empathetic understanding through the activity. They also met their Form and Co-form teachers and classmates of the new academic year. They should be passionate about what we are doing and be humble and curious about everything.

Students were fully immersed in an English environment for almost a fortnight. Excitement and Anticipation filled the air.

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The programme ended with a mass hosted by Fr. Participants, composing of Form One and Form Two students, demonstrated high level of satisfaction and enjoyment. We shall respond and continue to follow Him. We wished them all the best after retirement. After getting changed into their stylistic costumes, dancers awaited the chance to unleash their energy and potential through their passionate dance and sophisticated moves.

Their splendid performances aroused a lot of cheers and fun. Their enthusiasm offered not only a tremendous source of support for our swimmers, but was also a pure manifestation of the spirit of sportsmanship. The melancholy play was followed by excitement elicited by a series of thrilling videos.

The collaboration was a success