Mel Gibson is Crazy - Video Clip

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Kyle says he feels better about his Jewishness after hearing Stan's speech and seeing Gibson, who defecates on Cartman's face and runs off whooping. Gibson only had a twenty dollar bill, so Stan and Kenny put two dollars back in the wallet. The attendees have gathered to celebrate The Passion, which they say helped them rediscover Christianity.

After Stan called him daffy, he threatens them with a pistol, running around acting like the old Daffy Duck cartoons, all the while demanding that they torture him. Stan and Kenny still follow him into his house and insist that he gives them their money. Still, one wonders when the next stage of this plan might begin.

He is depicted in South Park as utterly insane and lacking any reason. Unfortunately, their first two attempts with Michael Bay and M.

He does not speak however. Before stripping, he wears a dark blue collared shirt. Trends come and go, and just as easily, stars whose talent burns bright fade to make way for a new generation of up-and-comers. Kyle feels intense guilt and has nightmares in which he and other Jews laugh while killing Jesus. He then replies by stripping himself to his underwear and locking himself up on a table and tells them they can torture him all they want, but that he still wouldn't give them their ticket money.

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Mel Gibson is Crazy - Video Clip

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He angrily tells Stan and Kenny that saying his movie sucked is like saying Christianity sucks. Stan says that Christians should follow Jesus's teachings and not focus on how he died. With time, those features have changed drastically, leading him to develop a less fresh-faced look. The fans agree and disperse, much to Cartman's dismay. He then replies by saying that they can't not like The Passion and that he just followed the Bible.

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Stan and Kenny make their way there. Appearance Mel Gibson can usually be seen with a painted face wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs underwear. In the last decade, Gibson appears unconcerned with making project choices based on their commercial potential. They demand their money back, but the ticket guy snidely tells them that the only person who can give it to them is the film's producer, Mel Gibson himself. Horrified, the rabbi and congregation go to the theater and demand that they stop showing The Passion.

Cartman seems somewhat disillusioned in Gibson, after Gibson gleefully defecates on his face. When Stan and Kenny reach Gibson's house, the director rambles, straps himself to a rack wearing only underwear and says that no matter how much they torture him he will never refund their money. Rather, he has taken bold steps to explore new and different types of stories, with films like Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, and Apocalypto. Stan counters this argument by saying that Christianity is fine, but focusing on how Jesus Christ died ends up with really bad results, convincing the town that Mel Gibson was wrong all along. Meanwhile Cartman dresses in a brown Hitler -esque uniform and hosts a fan club meeting in his backyard.

Completely shaken in his Jewish beliefs, Kyle concedes that Cartman is right in his opinions. In the process, he was less prevalent with the audiences who once loved his films, simply due to his own professional aspirations.