Meghan Markle dated porn star Simon Rex before Prince Harry

Simon rex dating history

She was ecstatic when things were good and then she would be in a really dark place. The Sun reveals for the first time the identities of six men she dated who, according to a source, Markle measured up as husband material. But when he did not want the commitment she craved, they split up.

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They had a tumultuous relationship. And friends of the royal bride-to-be recall how she took her search for Mr Right very seriously, swearing by a love bible called The Rules. This article originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission trending in entertainment. It was also controversial because its rules rejected many feminist ideas. He was constantly trying to shower her with love and she enjoyed the attention, but she seemed to be in it more for the affirmation.

She liked that lifestyle and his access. Meghan Markle and first husband Trevor Engelson. She spoke of how broad and beautiful his chest was.

Any relationship that she was in, there was always an element of marriage in the back of her mind. One evening, the smitten businessman sent his car to pick up the uni student and take her for a date. But he is a good guy, so they stayed friends. They split two years later.

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It was just enough to pay the rent at the time. Meghan Markle reportedly followed dating book, The Rules, for advice on her love life. He had the bravado, the charisma and the looks.

They had a tumultuous relationship