Signs you're dating a female sociopath behavior

Signs you're dating a female sociopath behavior

Sociopaths are often very sexy due to high levels of testosterone. There is something about the tall stories that he tells, which just do not ring true. They will sell themselves to you, like a top notch car salesman selling his cars on the parking lot.

Whilst not a comprehensive list, these traits show that the person you are dating could potentially be a sociopath. You become as inseparable as twins separated at birth. They are so busy lying cheating, manipulating and scamming.

When you meet, they will tell you a huge list of things that make them sound absolutely remarkable. Huge ego All sociopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are sociopaths. After a while you will ask, but he will make excuses.

If your partner is a sociopath, they are only in the relationship for their own personal gain. He is smooth, and words rolls words out of his mouth, without even thinking. You can feel that you have known each other for years, or even many lifetimes.

All sociopaths do this even those

The sociopath is deceptive and manipulative, and will cheat, lie and con. It will make him seem weak and vulnerable. They will talk of big business plans, success that they have had in the past. After all, not everyone is compatible. They can be irresponsible when it comes to their finances and their obligations to other people.

But this is not very likely. She will systematically attack your personality, your objections, your displays of emotion, and your questions. Jealousy and paranoia The sociopath is extremely jealous and paranoid. They are either dramatically telling lies, manipulating, deceiving, being dramatic victims, or dramatic pleadings that they will change. Somebody who has faith and confidence in who they are will want to spend time getting to know you, learning about you.

It should be a matter of your own free will to love them or not love them and for them to love you. He is keen, yes, but not on you, on what he can get from you. He will do anything to put you off of spending time with those that he feels is a threat to his existence.

They have energy to burn and love to show off their sexual prowess in bed. He creates a wonderful fantasy of himself. They will talk of incredible success with careers. And can last far longer than most non sociopaths.

After all, the relationship has moved with speed, and you are now sharing your life together. Once again, when dealing with a Sociopath, the same amount of emotional and mental devastation, financial loss, friendships destroyed etc. In a healthy relationship, you are encouraged to spend time with whatever friends that you choose. He will not care that everything told to you is a lie. Again misleading you into thinking what a great match you both are together.

They are only using

The Female Sociopath needs to be dominate, and she does this by being verbally intimidating and emotionally manipulative. You will end up feeling that you do not have time for anything or anyone else. These problems are accompanied by a lack of motivation to change. It will take attention away from the truth that you are so close to discovering.

You might search the internet looking for answers. They are only using you and they want you to believe their lies for their own benefit. All sociopaths do this, even those who work.

You are made to feel like he is doing you a huge favour. You become reliant and dependent on him. But as his are not around, you introduce him to your own inner circle. They will say things to you, that you have already told them.

When you meet they will tellHuge ego All sociopathsAfter a whileYou might search the