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He paused at the door before opening it fully. Like being impulsive and doing things you wouldn't normally do. Turns out that someone is his poor cousin, Jennifer Walters, who was probably less happy about it than in the fan art above. Now no matter what you wear you don't have to worry about ripping your clothes. Of course she missed the two hours prior where Peter tried on every outfit he owned.

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She wanted to change and take him right here and now, but the lawyer in her thought better of it. Staggering Shocker still stood, barely. Can't wait to get out of this stink. The two of them hooked up during his brief time in the Avengers, but their short relationship came back to haunt her when Starfox was on trial for sexual assault. And it happens, in the future.

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But she-hulk's idea of asking someone out is closer to a cave man bonking a cave woman over the head with a club and dragging her back to the cave. With tremendous effort She-hulk reached Shocker crushing his gauntlets in her hands as another shockwave flung her across the room once more. Shocker blasted She-hulk in the face. Blasting spider-man left him open to She-hulk. She-Hulk grabbed Shocker in a crushing bear hug only to have her bones rattled like loose change before another shockwave hit them both sending them flying once again.

Peter somehow managed to finish his spider-sense app, despite his mind constantly slipping back to the kiss even on the train ride back to his apartment. Still stunned by the kiss and angry about it being interrupted spider-man shot a web covering the camera bubble under the helicopter. They finally stopped when a daily bugle helicopter swooped in for a closer look at the lovebirds. Of course, not the universe.

She thought how men have it so easy when it came to fashion. According to the soft-core porn from that era, there was an awful lot of sex going on amongst engaged and non-engaged couples.

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He opened the door slightly keeping the chain on the door. Maybe I'll get lucky and the world will end before Friday.

Jen jumped up knocking Peter onto the floor with a painful groan. Formulating arguments quickly is something we're trained to do.

Although we imagine Shulkie would do some serious smashing if she heard any of her guy pals use the term. He's putting out a continuous vibration. Shocker blasted She-hulk, leaving him open to a barrage from Spider-man. Your review has been posted.

He laughed nervously back as he went to the fridge and retrieved the beers. She stood in her apartment staring into her now empty closet. Taking a deep breath, she checked her dress was straight.

Both of them trying to hide from the other the massive sweat stains that had formed during their flirtations. For our two heroes the entire world melted away, no cares, no worries, no villains, all there was was the kiss.

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In the comics, there was some dating, yes, during the Heroes for Hire era, but was there sex? Sure, he'd catch hell about it later, swrpg online dating but sometimes it's still fun to mess with jolly J's toys. Back on their feet our heroes double teamed Shocker. Tell me about what wacky invention you've created today professor.

Jennifer wiped the sweat from her hands, breathing a sigh of relief. So, let's agree that limiting our conversation to non-hero topics is stupid and talk like a normal couple would. Stepping in what I'm going to pretend is chocolate. Shocker rolled along the ground before springing himself back up and blasting Spider-man.

Braced for the impact She-hulk withstood the blast as she slowly dug her feet forward. It didn't help that every news channel was broadcasting their rooftop kiss. Peter answered the door wearing a dress shirt and jeans. Shocker stumbled forward, tearing the webbing from his face before turning around and running into she-hulk.

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Then they found out that the aforementioned Starfox was shooting them full of endorphins, and when he stopped, well, the magic was over. Her clothes strewn about the room in a veritable war with herself and indecision.

She-hulk crashed into the sewer wall, while spider-man was shook loose from his perch on the ceiling and splashed into the sewer water. He wondered as she strode into the apartment, removing her cap.

Being a hero is a huge part of our lives and for the most part we can't talk about it, either because of a secret identity or because, let's face it the truth would scare them. When the Hulk wants to reproduce, who does he go to? Spider-man quickly pulled his mask down over his face an angry frown behind his mask. Officer her cap pulled down over her face. Shocker continued to pour on the power as Spider-man frantically webbed the ceiling as it fell apart piece by piece.

She could grill someone on the witness stand until they broke, but asking out a cute guy as Jennifer was still nerve racking. Parker started fanning himself. Along the twisting labrynth of the new york sewer system Shocker found his destination. He was stuck once again thinking if he should call her or not someone knocked on his door.

Peter knew working with horizon was too good to be true and now he was about to find out why. The blasts shook the foundation underneath her as every bone in her body felt like it was breaking into dust. In either case, the best parts of the Marvel Universe have seen the best parts of Jennifer Walters. Good news, I found him, bad news, another wave is coming! He knew she was obviously here to discuss the kiss and what it meant.

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