Sedating a cat for nail trimming in dogs

Sedating a cat for nail trimming in dogs

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Now he is thoroughly restrained. Guard your clipper hand with the comb before starting to clip his body. Cutting the nails is easy after humanly or natural sedatives.

Continue progressing for gradually longer and longer times carefully watching his comfort level. Next, you would start using desensitization and counterconditioning. If not, you may want to consider evaluating a bit what may have happened.

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Now, you can move his feet freely, and someone else can be cutting his nails. Benadryl Several veterinarians that don't feel comfortable prescribing certain drugs or don't deem them necessary, may decide to try a lighter drug first. So every day do a few short sessions like minutes at the most the first few days and gradually increasing them over the course of several days.

When the brush is put away, the treats are also put away. Talk to him in a soothing tone and praise him Of course, if he seems to dislike that, I would not use it so to avoid a setback in him pleasure in being petted.

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But, it may create uneasiness for you. We will go over the process in just a bit. Then, put the brush back in your pocket and no more treats. First of all, clipper the body, and then go for the head, ears, and neck area. It's mainly used for allergies and for motion sickness.

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