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You can find more of her videos on her channel. Many of them are demanding answers from Sean about the break-up and questioning his sexuality. What ever that means to you. As taking an insight into his personal life, he was previously in a relationship with YouTuber Trisha Paytas. And the picture just seems to be friends enjoying time together.

In the video, Trisha is struggling to breathe because of her extreme sobbing. Trisha also explains in the video that Sean was ignoring her and screening her calls.

The couple has

Trisha reveals that the girl Sean was dancing with at the club was a lesbian and Sean came in kissing another man. The couple has broken up several times in the past and it's usually resulted in Trisha posting impromptu videos about the situation on her YouTube channel. Jesse who prefers not to involve himself in the romantic association has however many friends to share. His older brother Levi is also the Musical.

Contributor Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article In a surprising turn of events, Trisha Paytas has just split up with her long-term boyfriend. He has yet to respond to any of them. Later, Trisha herself claimed that she made a great mistake by making such videos. His nationality is American and he belongs to mixed ethnicity. Top Videos of the Day Trisha's defense Trisha claims in her recent videos that her intention was not to out Sean.

He became the buzz of the internet after the controversy about his sexuality struck him. He filed a lawsuit against Trisha after she shared series of videos of her emotional meltdown. He also has a sister named Rachel Underhill. Sean sued her later for slandering and she made a video made about it, where she seemed pretty mad about it and ranted about the situation. Here are just a collection of all the messages Trisha Paytas has been getting since she started posting her emotionally charged videos on YouTube.

After few months of posting that video, news of them breaking up surfaced. He started off with modeling in New York as a side gig. His nationality is American and he has mixed ethnicity. Valerie, who has a private Instagram account, has also mentioned in her bio that she loves Jesse. Trisha was clearly very distraught in all of her recent videos, and her fans are claiming that could've clouded her judgment.

Jesse who prefers not to involveTrisha reveals that

She is also famous as a dancer and a lingerie model. Now, it looks like Sean and Trisha could be done for good. He was raised in South Jersey, United States with his four siblings. In Sean knew it was time to put his successful dance and choreography career on the back burner to focus solely on his music career.

His net worth is still unknown. He then started publishing various pictures of himself on Instagram and joined Musical.

Some of Sean's prior performance events include the world renowned Viper Room, celebrity hot spot House Of Blues, Supperclub and various music festivals. Although Jesse described Prom was fun with her, the social media star states that he shares a friendly relationship with her. Besides working with top celebrities as we mentioned earlier, Sean has a huge influence on social media.

Meghan Tonjes, a fellow YouTuber, condemned Trisha for her actions. He has been in headlines for quite a long time and not all are for good reasons.

Sean Van Der Wilt Bio, Career, Dating, Boyfriend

Jesse is also seen providing tips to impress girls on his YouTube videos. And when she confronted him, Sean told her not to make a video about it or else he will never talk to her, but she did it anyway. She explains that she isn't sure about his sexuality or whether or not he's been faithful. She is also famous for being a dancer and a lingerie model. Naturally brown but sometimes dyed blonde.