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The father was still adamant that his daughter has to marry the boy of his choice if she wants to return home. But his family members were not interested in this alliance and refused.

She runs institutions like Karuna Ashram for the terminally ill so that their last years are peaceful and well cared for. Indeed, hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray for this nun.

She treats them brings fruits

He would have erred in a moment of frustration. It was after her retirement in that Sister started serving the prisoners full-time. The father told the court that it was under the influence of his nephew that she was making such a statement. However, his nephew was also missing and his mobile phone was switched off.

For Sister Adele, it is all about redemption and reformation. She treats them, brings fruits for them and tries getting medicines that the government doesn't provide.

The father was still

The High Court had to step in to find a home for a girl who was abandoned by her father right in the middle of a court case. For those appearing for exams, she is a tuition teacher helping them out with spoken English.

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The girl sought time to think it over. The court interacted with both the father and the daughter. The father had approached the High Court with a habeas corpus petition to find her. Another area where Sister Adele, a nominee for the Namma Bengaluru awards, concentrates is helping the repented get out of prison.

For those appearing for exams

The court wanted to give her sufficient time to reflect on her future. The girl was equally adamant that she will marry only her cousin. The court pointed out this particular condition of the father to the girl. This time, the judges spoke to the parties in the chambers rather than in the open court. But if she comes back to him, she has to marry a boy chosen by him and not the cousin.

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The year-old father filed the petition seeking direction to the police to trace his daughter.