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Sap fico satyanarayana material


Because the sales and distribution department also stays in contact with a customer and has to know specific data about this customer, a. At the time of payment we adjust the provion. They are called as Core Team Members. This ensures that the account number for a customer is the same for all company codes and sales areas. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

This could be the case if company codes lie in multiple countries. Blance amount Acutal Provison Less Amount paid will show in that column automatically i. Press Enter to save ur request. Application toolbar shows you which functions are available in the current application. When we see the report or we want to see the report, comics ios we have to give the Combination of company code and business areas.

Define Vendor reconciliation account. This step is required to do at the end of the year. Posting Date comes automatically from Server. This allows the company to provide reports for the entire corporate group.

Sap fico satyanarayana material. This material is t to teach you the accounting concepts along with configuration. We have the option to delet the hold document also.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Save, Press Enter repeatedly if Warning message appears.


He does not know how many Docs. Special posting periods that subdivide the last regular posting period for closing operations.


Any company code that wishes to do business with a specific customer or vendor has to create a company code segment for this customer or vendor. Specifications that you make, or data that you enter at this level are valid for all company codes and for all other organizational structures.


So Document Number will come automatically after saving the document. Hold document will not update the ledger until it is posted as normal Document.

Sap fico satyanarayana material

If we lost Password it can not be restored. The documents to be reversed can be contineous numbers or random numbers.

If we open period for entering documents, the periods before to that and after that periods, end user is not able to enter any document. Nature of Document Type of Type Ex. Ledger update will be based on Posting Date. Deselect the User specific Chk Box.

Period Debit Credit Balance Cum. After Implementation also Client wants to see the Balance Sheet the way he used to get. Define tolerance group for Customers. Parking will not Update After Releasing Sr. Define accounts for cash discount taken.

SAP FICO Module Training TutorialsSAP FICO Module Training Tutorials

Party Bill Numbe in case of Purchases. Define tax calculation procedures.

Value date can be modifiable if necessary but not Document Date or Posting Date. Before you can post documents, you must define posting periods, which in turn define the fiscal year.

We can see Report in our Lay Out. SlideShare Explore Search You. Clients have their own master records and set of tables. All items of Payable and Paid items. It may be Misused by End User.

When we hold the document, it will ask for a Temporary Document Number which can be anything. You can open and close these posting periods for posting.