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George is indicted and could face prison time. After saying goodbye to Ivy, Wyatt gives chase to the delivery man and stops him in time.

On a whim George calls

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George calls out of politeness because he wants to explain that his relationship with his girlfriend has just become more serious. That certainly applies to his wife, Luciana Barroso, who he has been married to for more than a decade.

On a whim, George calls again to invite Lisa to dinner and she accepts. They met while Barroso was reportedly working as a bartender in Miami to support her daughter Alexia while Damon was in town filming the comedy Stuck on You. On the night Annie's baby is born and her boyfriend proposes, Lisa begins to reconsider her previous reluctance to settle down. She suggests to Wyatt that he break up with Kim by sending her a scathing letter and a topless picture of himself with Ivy. But when it comes to his family, Damon keeps things relatively private.

They met while Barroso

Wyatt and Ivy then steal a drunk's car and drive to Kim's campus. Annie is so loyal that she tries to give him inside information in advance, but he urges her not to lose her own job. George is fired from his job and abandoned by the company, with the exception of his father and his pregnant secretary, Annie. Wyatt and Ivy go to the Global Express office where, by chance, they encounter a spiteful classmate of Wyatt's Sarah Silverman who refuses to help them. After posting bail, they are let off and once again happen upon the delivery truck outside a diner.

The two have been excited about starting a family since they tied the knot. At the end of the movie, they are seen boarding a bus together.

Rudd and Yaeger met when she was a publicist for a company that was representing him. While the deliveryman is having dinner, Wyatt decides to empty the truck's gas tank in order to stall him, but a carelessly flung cigarette butt sets fire to the gas and causes the truck to explode. Army combat medic who served in Iraq. But even that doesn't stop the deliveryman who is clearly over the edge by now and he drives off. Soon, Lisa moves in with Matty, who has a penthouse in the same upscale building where George's father lives.

On the night Annie's baby is