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Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Constantly recite and Chant the Glory of the Lord. He is Sai Baba the darling son of Eashwaramba. Victory to our Lord and supreme Teacher, Sai Nath!

Swajeeva pushpam swanthakarathaal aahuthi cheithu nee Mahashaya aahuthi cheithu nee. Your cares and worries will be washed off.

Hey Sai, Thou art the ocean of mercy. Surrender, surrender at the Feet of Sai, those Feet which can bestow the supreme bliss. Upload audio file of shri. Let us remember meditate upon the Lotus Feet of Sai. Bow at the feet of Sai the true Guru - who is Sathya Sai.

Our Sai is in the form of Paramatma supreme soul at Prashanti Nilayam. Nywy, distant relatives mp3 dwnld link entelum prblm aayirikum. They grant liberation and destroy sins.

You are Rama who brings bliss to the Aathma. Hey Sai, Thou enchant our hearts and Thy abode is our hearts. Our noble perceptor is the embodiment of Truth. Let us remember the sweet name. He is verily the universal absolute God.

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Remember the Lotus Feet of Sai in the mornings. We have come under Your protection.

Search namaskarippu bharatha - GenYoutube

He confers on us absolute peace and tranquility. He is the embodiment of supreme bliss. Browse for audio by genre language theme.

Thou art supremely holy and auspicious. That will take you safely across the ocean of life and death. Njan ente rajayathe snehekkunnu.

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Download GeetGanga's Android App! Please, param pavitra you can translate in hindi.

Parma Pavithra Mathami Mp3 Download ( MB) FutureMusic

Anyone know who is the singer and lyricist of this song? Bhavante durgraha jeevitha tatwam vaazhthi paadedum. More information about formatting options. Worship of His Feet uplifts and saves and brings happiness and the joy of visiting holy places Triveni - Benares where three holy rivers meet.

Parma Pavithra Mathami Mp3 Download ( MB) FutureMusic

He brings auspiciousness into our lives. Guruvinte vakku kurichidu bookilalla manasil. We have come to the most holy auspicious Feet of the noble perceptor.

Bow and meditate at the lotus feet of Lord Sai. Contact the Owner of the Copyright for Permission. In malayalam words i want the song. Destroyer of impurities of the Kali Yuga.

We salute the Lotus Feet of the noble, divine perceptor. Harivarasanam-Original Sound Track from the temple-by K.

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