Lovers and Other Strangers

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Lovers and Other Strangers

Brandon and Bedelia play

Brandon and Bedelia play the bride and groom. Keaton, in her debut, is almost able to open her eyes, which are weighted down with heavy false eyelashes. We have not verified that the email belongs to you. Less attractive were his off-screen problems during shooting. An email regarding your password change has been sent to your email address.

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Dental work had left him with a painful occlusion that made it impossible for him to eat anything chewier than mashed potatoes. You will receive an email shortly to confirm your email address. They seem to have stayed together out of duty and religion rather than love, yet have attained a level of comfort between themselves.

They've been living together for a year, unknown to their parents, and barely see any reason to make it legal, apart from the fact that it's expected of them. Bedelia's sister Meara is having sexual issues with her macho husband Guardino.

Enter your email address and we'll send you instructions on how to access your account. Comparatively monosyllabic Castellano is a good counterpoint to her and winds of providing the most touching moment in the film when he attempts to explain his wedding gift to Brandon. Also, many of the observations regarding love between men and women are relevant now, despite the presence of such patently tacky clothes, furnishings and wallpaper. These thirteen lives are examined in vignettes before, during and after the wedding, often with comedic results, but occasionally with poignant ones. Some critics suggested it might have done better had it not been hit with an R rating, a surprising classification considering that the film contains no nudity and only a few swear words.

Brandon's middle-class Italian parents are played by Castellano and Arthur. Castellano wasn't the only cast member to go on to bigger things.

As the newlyweds, Brandon and Bedelia are both immensely appealing. Brandon's brother Hindy is on the verge of divorcing his wife Keaton. It's a colorful, at times insightful, often amusing look at the many facets of love, dating and marriage at the time and features a great cast.

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