Odexed vs Deodexed − Everything You Need to Know

Odex vs deodex xdating

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For a casual user, the main implication is in theming possibilities. Longer boot times may only be seen again if the dalvik cache is wiped for some reason. On the other hand, since the. However, this is true only for the first ever boot after deodexing, since the cache would still get built over time as applications are used.

Both of these files are the two halves of one whole when executed in your device.

Odex files are directly loaded into

To answer these questions it comes down to one word, themability. With newer devices you may not even see a noticeable difference to zipalign on boot. However, many of you might have stumbled on technical terms in the forums which makes you feel lost in the tech-world.

Odexed vs Deodexed − Everything You Need to Know

In case of odex files, apps start a lot faster since the preloading information is separately available to load directly to the Dalvik virtual machine. Of course, the disadvantage is slightly slower boot times. Android applies this technique by default to all the system applications. The answer to that is speed. On the other hand, it also makes hacking those applications difficult because a part of the coding has already been extracted to another location before execution.

When the application is used by either the system or the user, the. Odex files are directly loaded into dalvik cache making the load times faster during the boot. Odex files makes it difficult for the developer to theme or hack the app as a portion of the app code has been extracted to some other location in the form of.

Odex files makes it