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On their date at a coffee shop, she was completely blown away and entranced by him. And, with those eyes, he looked right into me like he was ready and open to discover who I was. John and Paulette had a pleasant chat and exchanged photos. John was on a date at the same bar.

Andrew was a laid-back year-old with an understated but promising profile. Her gaze was wandering when she spied a familiar face. Whether you want a party buddy with whom to hit the night scene or a music lover to accompany you to a concert, these events are a great portal to meet fellow Zealanders who share your interests.

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All plonkers, fat, bald, and boring. He emailed her that night, and they took up right where they had left off. Months passed, and they both moved on.

Unfortunately, the conversation fizzled before they could meet. The spark was undeniable this time, and they went on a dinner date to seal the deal. She chatted with and dated many guys before the right one caught her eye.

Unfortunately the conversation fizzled before