Ncis los angeles kensi and deeks dating

Ncis los angeles kensi and deeks dating

However Callen manages to convince

So, when they decided to pull the trigger, the thing everybody else felt watching the show is the same thing I felt reading the show. In the end while the mission is successful, the team are hit by a rocket launcher, leaving it unclear if they are dead or alive. In the season finale, Deeks is fired by Mosley after confronting her about her unfair and disrespectful behaviour towards Callen and the rest of the team.

Other complications arise from the couple's reluctance to share the news with their colleagues - who, let's face it, have their suspicions already. Deeks awakens and eventually once reaching to the hospital and recovering, Deeks and Kensi reconcile and their engagement is back on. And I think it's going to be the catalyst for a lot of mistakes. Eventually, Kensi fully recovers and resumes her place on the team and her partnership with Deeks.

They refer to each other

Despite Deeks and Kensi's falling out and the current uncertainty of their relationship, Deeks still joins the rest of the team on a dangerous mission to rescue Mosley's son. They refer to each other as husband and wife, while in private they use their undercover names. However, Callen manages to convince her to keep Deeks on the team. But even Olsen and Ruah admit they're not certain about where the relationship is heading. When Hetty asks her to find Brandel, Nell discovers that he died in an auto accident in after being released from prison.

They have to throw some sort of obstacle, because it can't just be smooth from now on. Deeks walks in on Kensi in the bathroom, he in a velour jogging suit and Kensi in a towel. In the same episode, it is revealed that Marty's given name is Martin A. Eventually, Deeks proposes to Kensi, but she is refuses to accept in her current state and wishes for him to wait until she has healed from her injuries.

Despite Deeks and Kensi's falling out

And then eventually you get comfortable. In the season five premiere, Kensi and Granger found Sam and Deeks, who were severely beaten and tortured. He becomes a series regular in season two, during which he reveals that he has never lived more than two miles away from where he grew up. This is, after all, still a police procedural. Deeks, not understanding what Kensi was referring to, starts to take off his pants.

However, at the end of the episode, Kensi visits Deeks and he manages to get to sleep with her help. In season six, Deeks and Kensi agree to make their relationship official and finally become a romantic couple.

Near the end of the episode, Kensi asks Deeks if he is ever going to call Ray anytime soon. And then all of a sudden, they threw us this curveball. In the next episode, Deeks struggles with insomnia and the trauma he dealt with, but he has been avoiding Kensi's phone calls. The team are forced to separate and Kensi drags Deeks through the desert to safety, eventually reaching a church.

After a brief conversation about her making him worry about her, they stand awkwardly. Deeks once again denies any feelings he has for Kensi. Deeks has a vintage comic book collection. He is revealed to be a lawyer in the season premiere.

It is uncertain if he was talking about this through his cover or if he was actually talking to Kensi. Deeks is eventually paired with Sam and the two are eventually captured with the episode ending with Deeks being tortured as Sam helplessly looks on. Kensi freaks, and Deeks enjoys the situation. Together with Kensi and Sam, Deeks helped take down Sidorov. After many tender and caring moments in season four, Deeks finally makes his feelings known in the season finale.