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He killed Radhama's mother which was later discovered by her. Whilst doing this, Smruti must not know where she is being taken, else the spirit will also know, so Smruti is made unconscious and completely enveloped in a sacred cloth.

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Harvard Business Publishing. Call it progressive when it comes to allowing foreign dancers into the Bollywood industry. Arjun leaves for Delhi on a business trip, leaving Lisa alone in the house. The corpse comes alive as Amar is forced to return to his original body.

They got to know each other through an exchange of letters and slowly fall in love. Jaidev marries Smruti and they live happily with each other in the end. The priest decides to perform an exorcism. Jaidev is insistent on keeping her at home since he feels a connection with her.

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He even names her Sangeeta. The priest arrives at the mansion and immediately senses a strong evil presence. His soul has remained in the mansion ever since. India title, was a New Delhi -based model in the fashion industry. While Adnan Sami composed the music for the film, Sameer penned the lyrics.

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Lisa is away, and Balwant takes the message, but does not mention it to Lisa. There is a lot of world wide talent that will dance for less. Arjun is unaware of the strange things happening, such as objects moving by themselves, but Lisa senses a malevolent presence. The possessed Smruti unleashes mayhem on all four persons, and in a matter of time, everyone except Jaidev is brutally killed by her. Lisa, empowered by the evil soul, beats Arjun badly and emotionally tortures him.

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Arjun engages a doctor but it turns out to be fruitless as Lisa's evil outbursts and telekinetic attacks simply overwhelm the hospital staff. It is his spirit possessing Smruti. Do you quote movies a lot? Arjun returns as Lisa becomes ill, refuses food and water and takes to bed. These days I'm sure it comes down to production costs.

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Speaking in corroboration, Bhatt felt the need for introspection for making inconsequential cinema. Later that evening, in his church rooms, he wakes up to find a Baphomet drawn in blood on a wall. For their enthusiasm and efforts, Bhatt was delighted to work with them. Enraged, Amar's corpse tries to kill Smruti but Jaidev saves her and sets Amar's corpse on fire thus releasing Amar's spirit from the karmic cycle of life and death.

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The project of the manor house is handed to Arjun's firm, and Arjun and Lisa arrive at the house soon after. Slowly Jaidev gets to know that Sangeeta is actually his lost love Smruti. When Amar discovered that Jaidev loved Smruti, he went to Smruti, posing as Jaidev, and took her to his residence in Shimla to exploit her, but in the process, Amar dies. At the mansion, the soul of the treasonous soldier has now completely possessed Lisa's body.

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This meets strong disapproval from his family because Lisa born of a British father and an Indian mother is of mixed faith. To further enhance the effect of horror for this film, Ashoke Chowdhury and Indraneil Roy were hired to work on the visual effects. During their work, the film was treated digitally using a specialized software. Inside the mansion, a huge portrait of the lady is hung on one of its walls.

The priest attempts to place a cross on Lisa, who turns violent and attacks the priest. Later that night, the architect is killed by a mysterious force. If it isn't an Indian period piece blue-eyed blonde dancers can substitute fine for the regular Hindi dancers.

When Bhatt saw the images of this house, he was convinced that it would be the real protagonist of his film. Her father and his men hanged him. He discovers that Karuna had come there before, asking about Smruti.

To save her, the only person Jaidev can turn to is the cemetery keeper. We are working on the script right now. The priest returns to issue a stern warning for Lisa. Using this, they were able to make glasses break and generate smoke. Now his sister Karuna Vidya Malvade is the only support system that keeps him motivated.

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He goes to Smruti's old address to find the truth. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? After gaining consciousness, she is unable to remember anything from her past life except Jaidev's poems. Unable to physically restrain Lisa, Arjun is forced to reexamine his lost faith.

She experiences stronger supernatural events, and confides in a local church priest, Father Thomas. It turns out the first architect who had come before him was also killed in a similar manner some time ago. She questions Balwant, the caretaker, but he feigns ignorance. Soon Arjun feels that only God can save Lisa. Have you ever walked out of a cinema before the film was done?

Though Bhatt was looking to cast newcomers, he did not conduct any auditions for the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He consults with the head priest and they quickly conclude that an evil spirit resides in the mansion and is specifically targeting Lisa.