England's World Cup dream shattered as Mario Mandzukic fires Croatia into final

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Parts of a game that are embellished or inaccurate when compared to the real life activity to which it is based upon. The advantage of using top spin however is that you can produce greater angles with it. Kyle Walker dived for it and with the ball at shoulder height, Perisic jabbed a foot in above the head of the defender and steered it past Jordan Pickford.

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Croatia vs England

England's World Cup dream shattered as Mario Mandzukic fires Croatia into final

He shoved Kane and kicked Sterling in the space of six minutes but did not get the the yellow card that would have made him vulnerable. Then with six minutes of the left Perisic out-jumped Trippier for a header, and Mandzukic was first off the mark, burying a shot past Pickford before England reacted.

Croatia vs England shots on goal Their left-back Ivan Strinic was falling apart, and in attack Raheem Sterling felt just one clean strike on goal from football immortality. Because you would be doing nothing more than re-directing the ball over the net, it is not really considered an offensive shot.

The margins are fine, but the bigger picture was clear by then, and it did not look good for England. Top spin lobs are offensive lobs that are hit with tremendous spin so that the ball flies over your opponent's head and arcs back down deep into the court, and just inside the baseline. In theory, the low bounce should make it difficult for your opponent to hit a clean passing shot. This can also produce some mis-hits by your opponent.

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