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Ramsey, was clearly seen in the distance at some feet elevation. George Smith included Hon. He is said to have pulled down the old cottage of Ramsay and to have constructed a Spanish-style Villa as his retirement home that stands on the estate to date. Sir Henry was for nearly half a century the ruling genius of Kumaon, and was not unfittingly called the King of Kumaon.

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Henwood had based his projections on his observations of denuded pine forests in the immediate vicinity of mining villages. We now left the highway and took the refreshing forest road till Haldwani.

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He was of the view that Mr. The natural beauty of this enchanting valley was interrupted by the ugly plastic domes of polyhouse farms set up along the banks of the rocky creek.

When going along narrow paths at the tops of precipices I occasionally found it best not to look too much over the side, but never met with any accident. Ten goats or sheep will do more harm than a hundred fires of ordinary season. He donated to charitable works like dharamshalas and rest-houses for Himalayan travellers and free medicines for hill folks. Ronald followed suit under the name of Sri Krishna Prem. It was and the Gurkha officer was on his way to attend the garrison class at Ranikhet.

Sir Henry, popularly known as the King of Kumaon, who spent forty-four years as an administrator in the North-Western Provinces of India. Both were buried in the Cantonment Cemetery at Almora.

Perhaps the finest enterprise that he undertook and carried out single-handed was the revenue settlement of the waterless districts known as bhabar. The lovely brown eggs, the home baked bread and the delicious apricot and strawberry jam. Under his loving care the neglected orchard once again yielded apricots, peaches and apples.

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From Almora I went to a place called Khali. The orchard yielded apple, apricot, peach, pear, plum and chestnut. To make it the idyllic hill retreat of his dreams.

He would read out chapters from his autobiography that he was writing in the jail to his wife. Thought is impossible without words. As one drives down the forest road from Ayarpani one encounters a board indicating the way up a hill top to the Khali Estate. Its Administration and Progress. The oak-trees had their branches hung with lichens and mosses, while the rhododendrons were almost as big with pink bark.

He was an avid sportsman, had a lovely voice and could play the violin. Between him and Ramsay in their mountain fastnesses it could not be said that government existed at all. The Baba led a solitary, austere life in his modest riverside abode he lived in a cave as per some versions.

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Till the construction of a bridge across Kosi upstream of Khairna the only way to reach Almora was the circuitous one through Ranikhet. He gradually wrought such a change on the face of the country that verdure and health everywhere prevailed.

The metalled road is the only track inside the sanctuary on which vehicular traffic is permitted. Directly he arrived a summons came from Marlborough House, and there the Prince of Wales told him he was to go to Balmoral to stay with the Queen. He is said to have built a small weekend cottage at the property.

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The Khasiya followers were butchered en masse and their bodies cast into the ravines of River Suwal to serve as food for the jackals and the vultures. From Binsar we went down to Khali, where we met Sir Henry Ramsay, who kindly gave us breakfast, after which we resumed our journey to Almora. It was a complete volte-face from his avowed opposition to excluding parts of forest from economic exploitation. This last season appears to have been a very good one for Apples throughout Kumaun. How, big lunches in hot cases on the backs of elephants were taken into the jungle, and how delighted the Prince was with his first tiger, etc.

Govan had by then been purchased by a Sah family of Almora which did not enjoy a good neighbourly relation with the Colonel. He wrote extensively about his Himalayan travels in Gujarati. There he lived and there he reigned, amid the blessings of the people, and to the admiration of all men, till he came home to die. His translation of Ritu-Samhar was published after his death. For it does require a certain kind of madness to live a life of seclusion in the midst of a remote, pristine forest drunk on the love for the wild.

He could out-walk even his favourite paharees, or Highlanders. The gallery was built at her expense in to house the landscape and botanic paintings donated by her to the Royal Kew Museum. The country with which his name is for ever identified is just the size of Switzerland, but still more beautiful, with a million of hardy mountaineers. Building drains and reservoirs on the higher uplands, he regulated the supply, manuela migliaccio yahoo dating and he carried it down to form small irrigating canals.

The Rohillas eventually withdrew from Almora and Kalyan Chand died in and predictably enough had turned blind with age. He soon told me what a free hand he had to start with, soon after the Mutiny, and how irksome he had found the orders of the local government later on. She was camping near Almora when she was paid a visit by a Captain K. The streams found their way under the dry forests, and emerged below only to create malaria. The estate of Major Evans at Binsar measured seven acres as per some sources.

He had many other talents. His grandparents inculcated in him a love for the Sanskrit language and the Vedic scriptures. Gyanendranath Chakravarti, a well-known theosophist and his wife Monika Devi. Arthur and Margaret are believed to be buried in the Christian Cemetery at Almorah. The house was most comfortable and unpretentious, with a verandah from whence one could see mountain above mountain, and two of the grandest snow-masses in the world when visible.

Ramsay heard of the Disarming Act, but would not believe that could apply to him. As the story goes the estate came into the hands of one Col. But the last of all the Ramsays, and second only to the great Marquess in ability, was the Hon.

Just before the crowning victory of Waterloo this land, which had been long ravaged by the Goorkhas, came under the British peace. The passing of a torch at night, a spark from a hookah, may cause, in May and June, a fire which will spread over hundreds of square miles.

He laboured hard to restore the estate to its past glory in the days of Ramsay and Wilson. Maule Ramsay was Brigadier at Gwalior. Rampur became the capital of the Rohilla Nawabs after the rout of their military alliance with the Marathas in at the hands of the combined forces of the State of Oudh and the East India Company. The family would stay overnight at the Kundan Lodge at Almora with their relative Basiswar Sen, an agriculturalist who later went on to pioneer the Green Revolution in the country.

Henry Ramsay was his own engineer and forester and public works secretary for many a year. It was a tragedy that he had been persuaded to leave Binsar just before his death for a King should rest in his Kingdom! He was one of the first founders of Naini Tal, which was discovered in by Mr. We were now on the Almora-Bageshwar Road. He fell in love with the Himalayas and trekked deep and wide in the mountains from Kashmir to Arunachal.