Kensi and deeks dating fanfiction dull

Kensi and deeks dating fanfic

Scooting to sit at the other end of the couch with her back to the arm of the couch, pillow behind her. She heard him draw a deep breath and felt the tension in his body begin to subside.

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Not to mention married, soon enough. She laid her head on his chest and her arm across his abdomen, slipping her hand under his shirt at his side.

This is to the woman in africa and in receipt deeks fanfiction and of a positive test result. At least not until it was their decision. Finally after she washes all the soap off his body, she gets back in the tub and leans over, helping him stand and get out of the tub. Nothing could be further from the truth right now, and that scared the hell out of him.

But this was not a normal night. And he had no idea how they could get around that without one of them being very unhappy. Deeks wished he could send their problems up there and have them be forgotten in the darkness.

All he knew was that the love of his life, his everything, was lying inches away from him and it may as well have been miles. Bringing her hands to his face, rubbing her thumbs back and forth against his scruff that she loves so much. That would be the far easier thing to do, Deeks mused.

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He sees the sadness in her eyes. Or your skills, for that matter. Call me crazy, Deeks, but I happen to really like you in addition to loving you, and I enjoy spending all day and night with you. While she cleans his wound he notices the sadness that sets on her face.

In fact, they still had yet to agree on when and where their first date actually was. And it was giving him a headache thinking about it. Kensi was still his partner and Deeks would be damned if he would let anything happen to her on his watch. It kept bringing her back to yesterday.

She would have never joked about her injuries that almost killed her and if she did I would probably be reacting the same way she is right now. But none of them were as potentially dangerous as Kensi's. Deeks probably would, because he knew her better than she knew herself. Her sly smile was all the indication Deeks needed that she would support the decision. Kensi immediately saw Deeks on one bed, his back to her, and wondered if he wanted to keep his distance.

But she consistently fell short in trying to figure out when she would want to have that family and what she would do for work when she finally did. Undecided about where she should sleep, Kensi perched herself on the side of the other bed and waited to see if Deeks would say anything. Getting nowhere with her thoughts and having shed all the tears she could for now, Kensi quickly washed up. Know the dude, maybe he's a very good boy, who does everything to be successful in terms of success as it and the later.

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She had stalked back into the mission after leaving him behind in the garage and immediately headed for the shooting range, where she worked off some of her frustration. Rated for themes, nothing explicit. She might not want to be saddled with a probie. And that was far from certain. And it did wonders for you, sugar bear.