Annie Le's Fiance Mourns Yale Student's Murder

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Getting into the basement, where Le's body was found, requires another level of access. What I do know is that it's terrible beyond our capacity to grasp. Where I became involved with the families was they asked if I would be willing to read a statement from them on their behalf. It says more about the dark side of the human soul than it does about the extent of security measures. But even in hindsight, it's unclear what, if anything, might have prevented Le's murder.

She won scholarships to study bioscience

The family asked me to help them compose a statement representing both families for the press. The Le family began getting phone calls, which made the whole situation more difficult for the family. Like much of the medical campus, the building has tight security because of the sensitive work done inside, says Martha Highsmith, the deputy university secretary, who oversees campus safety.

The unfolding of this tragedy never permitted a simple, straightforward outpouring of grief. That is how the media began contacting me.

She and Widawsky were to be married Sept. Finally, five days after Annie Le disappeared, police discovered her body hidden behind a utility panel in the basement of the laboratory building.

She won scholarships to study bioscience at the University of Rochester, where she met Jonathan Widawsky. On a personal note, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected as well as for Pastor Smith as he seeks to communicate and comfort, particularly as we near the Sabbath.

It was supposed to have been her wedding day. Also, the grief process will take time.

Levin says that, to his knowledge, Clark's personnel record at Yale contained no disciplinary action or other indication of anything out of the ordinary. Certain parts of the basement, including places where Clark regularly worked, are restricted to yet a third subgroup.

Emotions on campus rollercoastered with every new piece of information. After a university employee is charged with her murder, the Yale community struggles to make sense of the crime. And that gave me an opportunity to become acquainted with the family.

It was a frightening and difficult situation for all of them. Her fiance came in from New York, and her family from California.

On a personal note our thoughtsShe and Widawsky were to be