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If you use Eharmony or Match. If you want a mullet, grow one to enter.

It was like there was something off about him. Hunter sent me actual photos of himself and he looked nothing like his profile pics.

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Do they date out of their culture? Who knows, rayver cruz dating beauty queen anything can happen these days.

As a stigma most of us would like to steer clear from, this is not something that is going away any time soon. And some people still have mullets. Gluten Free Singles Celiac? Want to tell your strange story? ShutterStock Pete and I MySpace-messaged and texted back and forth for a few weeks before making plans to go on a date.

And if you love a mullet, then this is the place to come find some love, and a mullet. They already get it, they know about gluten inside and out, and you can face this gluten-filled world together! Tell us about it and it could be featured on Oddee. But people are really different in real life!

He only had a few photos on his profile, which we now know is a Catfish red flag. When I got bored, I searched for hot guys based on my zip code to see who was out there.

It was really scary for me to realize that people actually do do that stuff in real life. On the phone, we could talk about anything and we got along so well.

This is the sight for them. Some people still want mullets. You can remain fully anonymous. And for some unfortunate souls, cold sores and herpes is something that they are born into this life with. If you have a mullet, you are in the club.

So how does this work then? We love hearing your stories!