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In this ceremony the guests should give their gifts to the couple which usually are really worth a fortune. Do the Iranian couples really get married or it is better to say that their families are getting married? In this ceremony, the couple invites almost all of their families for the ceremony and guests give their valuable gifts to the couple.

After that the couple falls in love and decides to get married, they should celebrate their marriage ceremony. Did you get shocked once you read this article?

Join Iranian Personals for free today! Based on differences in cultures, histories, religions, societies and so on, the ways people start dating, fall in love, and marry differ in the countries all over the world.

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In this meeting, families as well as the boy and the girl talk to each for about hours to get to know each other. Free browsing of user profiles. We have two steps for this ceremony. How these customs differ from your customs? Further, concealing these relationships is not the only problem in these families.

How Iranians start dating, and falling in love? The way people start dating in Iran is highly dependent on the family they were born.

The boys and girls in such families are the biggest victims in many situations especially for having serious relationships, dating, falling in love, and getting married. The second step is marriage ceremony. Being in an English learning for international students class, I think hope! Such families are really difficult to interact with as they are in a transient state and even do not know how they should treat. Posted on by sahbaap Marriage is one of the most important issues that happens for most of the people in the world and probably is the most important one!

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Also, the ways people celebrate marriage ceremonies are dissimilar in the countries based on those differences. The way that the couple celebrate their marriage is also highly dependent on their families. Generally, we have two extreme categories for Iranian families.

After the marriage ceremony the couple usually goes to a trip on their honeymoon and then start their new life. If the couple comes from a traditional families, the ceremony will be held in a place that men and women are separated. We pride ourselves on helping Iranian singles find men and women who are compatible with their specific needs.

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In this period, the couple is officially in the relationship and try to know more each other. These customs are almost the same for both traditional and modern families with one big difference. During this ceremony, the guests and the couple dance together and have a lot of fun and usually the ceremony end up with a dinner.

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