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Preventing mass atrocities requires political will first and foremost. There is no alternative to strengthening our respect for the dignity of each individual human being if we want to prevent future threats of genocide. However, if our purpose is to examine how acts of genocide, mass murder or ethnic cleansing can be prevented, the world's largest dating site I would also here advise against explanations based on one single cause. Read our fact sheet on the Atrocities Prevention Board.

Preventing Genocide - United to End Genocide

Alarm bells ring for those who are listening. For decades the government had practiced discrimination against Tutsi, the people who would be targeted during the genocide. The government exploited every apparent demonstration of international acceptance - every time Rwandan government representatives were received abroad, the event was fully publicized on the radio. Genocide, like armed conflict of a certain dimension, does not erupt from one day to the next. We must not forget nor should we accept that geographical distance implies moral distance, thus weakening our resolve to act when genocide l ooms.

But it is the only way for us to understand each other, to identify shared values and interests and to build a future together. This would have called into question not just the legitimacy of the government but also its long-term viability. Intervention later would have required a larger force and would have saved fewer lives, but intervention at any point would have limited the number of civilians killed. We follow the money and apply public pressure to shame and stop companies and governments that finance mass violence.

This pretext of legitimacy made it easier for them to persuade people to violate usual moral and legal prohibitions. The media went so far as to name individuals to be eliminated, including the prime minister. This should not be too difficult. When potential leaders of resistance, including military officers, appealed for foreign support in the first days of the killings, they were refused. Yet tragically, in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur millions of people lost their lives, lost their families or were forced to flee their homes.

We call to account any nation that would welcome or reward a perpetrator of mass atrocity. In preparing briefings for the Security Council, the secretariat favoured Booh-Booh's interpretation, which gave no sense of the systematic and ethnically based nature of the killing. Journalists usually portrayed the killing as the result of ancient, tribal hatreds rather than as a state-directed attempt to exterminate the Tutsi.

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Preventing Genocide

The post-independence government categorized citizens by ethnicity and, continuing a practice of the Belgian colonial regime, required all adults to carry documents identifying their ethnic group. Be alert to impact of negative models in nearby regions In late and early tens of thousands of Hutu and Tutsi were slain in neighbouring Burundi, a country demographically similar to Rwanda. Simpson and Tonya Harding than to the deliberate slaughter of more than half a million people. But press coverage was limited, superficial, and often sensationalistic. We must speak up and demand that government leaders make the right choices to prevent and stop atrocities.

This can also imply to work in wars that lead to the horror of genocide. During the genocide, the militia mobilized and led the general population in killing Tutsi, often carrying out orders given them by soldiers and national policemen. Call the genocide by its rightful name and vigorously condemn it. Major media outlets gave more attention to the problems of sports stars O. Holocaust Memorials are extremely important.

The various preventive measures that are needed, from short-term emergency interventions to long-term education, will require different time frames and involve the work of many. Be prepared to intervene with armed force The organizers of the Rwandan genocide were relatively few in number but they controlled three elite military units.

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Pay close attention to media in situations of potential ethnic, religious, or racial conflict. This limited the impact of condemnation by those other governments that did finally take a stand against the slaughter. Genocides are complex phenomena, each with its own peculiar configuration and dynamics. Propagandists frequently talked of the Burundian example on the radio, enhancing the impact of this negative model on Rwandans.

Ways to prevent genocide?

Accurate, impartial, and analytical reporting of the Rwandan genocide could have helped build a public demand for more forceful government action in halting the slaughter. Ensuring respect for each human being without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions is at the very heart of these principles. Backed by these forces, they were able to assert control first over other units of the army and national police and then over the administrative system. There is another, far more worrying factor in play, and that is the lack of will to act, or the lack of power to take the necessary preventive measures. Killers and other assailants went unpunished if their victims were Tutsi or members of parties opposed to the authorities.