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He's the definition of a generous actor. We put out the request for people to come to this wooded area about an hour outside of Los Angeles the night after Halloween at midnight and we had singers, dancers, and just all kinds of people.

We were just having a ball. Mindy Kaling In your book, you mention that your ideal dinner guest would bring you hot sauce. By the way, I love that damn show so much. The unique series showcases the way digital media can be used to allow artists to enter global collaborations that result in thoughtful and interesting projects.

When we heard it, we knew we wanted to do something really special visually with it, so we decided to go to the woods with a lot of people and gather around a fire and perform it. Each episode focuses on a different theme as Gordon-Levitt invites and encourages anyone with an internet connection to join him and contribute. She's not the kind of actress who only wants to do it for big Hollywood productions.

With Mindy Kaling, I met her last summer and she said she read on Twitter that I did this and we talked and she kept asking questions so I knew she was really interested and not just being polite. She wrote it and then we ended up acting in it together in front of the green screen. There are so many artists and people that have a different perspective and I really love connecting and collaborating with those people. Used to be Sambal Oelek, lately, Cholula. If we wanted to make money, this is not the show we would make, but it ends up being something sincerely expressive and kind of fascinating to watch and unique.

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Then I realized that both Chris and Jogo are great dancers, and the idea came sprang from those resources. He has such a wisdom and refined skill. Our scenes are always the easiest to shoot because it feels effortless with him. The media is going away from that. She gets a kick out of making stuff for fun.

He has always struck me as someone who has chosen not to be as famous as he could have been, I tell him. When I thought who could play the other superhero, I thought of Annie and she was so perfect for it.

We were just smiling and having a great time. Like, they found her on a Groupon.

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The biscuit is still untouched. Hollywood can be an exclusive place. Bob Dylan is not the greatest singer in the world.