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Misro Charan Raj is a dacoit. Meanwhile, at home Manga advances with him thinking he is Deva only. But Hero and Vishal start getting closer and work together, becoming good friends after Vishal confronts Khanna's drug company.

They have a daughter and one day in an accident at construction place both were killed. All songs are blockbusters.

She calls out Hero's name, though Vishal does not know that Hero is inside him. The movie was inspired by the Malayalam film Aayushkalam. Finally, Deva and Ravi join together, protect their father and sister from Mitra and the story ends with the duo marrying their respective ladies. He returns to India as a rock star to give performances here.

It is shown that Hero, now an angel, is happily watching over them from Heaven. It proved that Nagarjuna could do comedy roles.

Vishal decides to go about doing this, and he and Rani and Vishal begin to fall in love with each other. Hero dislikes this and tries to foil Vishal's plans of getting close to Rani.

Hello Brother Mp3 Song download from Irumbu Kuthirai

Afterward, Rani and Vishal have gotten married and are spending their wedding night and honeymoon in a house on the water. Music composed by Raj-Koti. Hero then goes inside him and controls his fighting moves, helping him to beat the thugs. But Manga is in love with Deva.

Narayana under the Sri Durga Arts banner, presented by S. He blackmails Deva to get Chakravarthy to release Kasthuri.

Rani then tells Vishal to tell Hero that she loves Him. The film was a flop at the box office. Hero says that he will only rest in peace after Khanna is killed, thus avenging him.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Ramya Krishna Soundarya. Vishal and Hero stop the plane, which Khanna is in, and then confront him.

For other uses, avast antivirus english version see Hello Brother disambiguation. It was directed by Salman Khan's brother Sohail Khan. Satyanarayana Films scored by Raj-Koti s Telugu-language films s romantic comedy films Films featuring an item number Indian remakes of Hong Kong films. Hero takes Vishal's hand and shoots Khanna with the gun. Veturi Sundararama Murthy.

So Mitra wants to take revenge against Deva, he sends his henchmen Sivaji Raja as the bride to Kasthuri, but Deva breaks up the plan and makes his sister's marriage with another guy. Enraged, Mitra teases her and Deva fights with him. Deva, who doesn't know that Chakravarthy is his father, goes to his house where Geetha also comes out from the coma by Deva's touch and he comes to know the truth that they are his parents. Vishal suspects Khanna to be involved in a drug ring and confronts him. Vishal and Hero go to save Rani and fight off Khanna's henchmen, but Vishal gets injured.

The film was a blockbuster at the box office. Rani witnesses this and realizes that only Hero would do those kinds of moves.

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Khanna is taken to Hell and Hero is taken to Heaven. Days pass, Kasthuri becomes pregnant and she is admitted into the hospital for delivery. The court decides on the death sentence for Mitra. The movie was largely appreciated and was highly successful at box-office.

As they are talking, Vishal becomes distracted, speaking to Hero, and Khanna takes the opportunity to shoot Vishal. Deva asks Ravi to stay at the hospital as he is going in search of money, Ravi visits his father Chakravarthy. In a confrontation, Khanna kills Hero and shoots Vishal in the heart. Khanna's ghost rises from his dead body and Hero hits him. Meanwhile, Deva's sister Kasthuri Aruna Sri sees local goon Mitra Napoleon son of Misro killing an Inspector on the road and provides evidence in court.

On the other hand, Geetha goes into coma and Chakravarthy takes her to America for the cure, here the other twin Ravi Varma also Nagarjuna is brought up. Switch to Desktop Version. Hero stands up to Vishal and defends his boss, but soon learns the truth behind Khanna.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Misro escapes and takes one of the twins with him, hurting Geeta. Sajid-Wajid Himesh Reshammiya.