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Grace attends a youth group meeting

Grace begins losing teeth during her ongoing devilish experiences. After drinking a few shots, Grace goes to the bathroom where she sees another horrific reflection in the mirror. When Luke spurns her advances, Grace attacks Luke. Grace meets her new roommate Jessica and takes a liking to a boy named Brad.

The climax itself isGrace wakes in a hospital

For the first act, the protagonist Grace is at university, and I found that set of events much more engaging than what comes after. Horrified, Jessica tells Brad about Jessica only to discover that Jessica is still alive and their confrontation never happened. If you saw the remake of Maniac, starring Elijah Wood, then you know what I'm talking about. The Conjuring has elements of this, but that is mostly a haunted house flick, in my opinion, so I can't really count that film.

But the film, while a slow to a fault, does have some pretty good atmosphere going for it and some decent enough scares. Or it would be normal, if not for the demon haunting her dreams and appearing in mirrored reflections. It is a great performance. Completely understandable, but you pretty much sacrificed the rest of your movie for that great climax. It's all very poorly thought out.

The climax itself is pretty quite good actually, but not good enough to make the film better, at least in my opinion. Grace attends a youth group meeting led by Luke. Grace wakes in a hospital. The camera jiggles moderately while Grace vigorously brushes her teeth.

Grace wakes to find Brad sitting on her bed. Everything else, is unfortunately, a notch or two below that.

Also offering a boost to the production is a fine supporting cast of welcome faces. Grace returns to the party to find Brad and Jessica making out. How the demon gets passed to Grace, from her mother, is a bit confusing, but it is what it is. She brought a physicality to the character that wasn't even seen in The Exorcist. Brad invites Grace to a house party.

Father John stabs Grace before the demon can reveal his secret. The acting is perfectly fine, Lin Shaye is always great, so no complaints about that. But really, if you haven't seen it yet, you can't really do much better than The Exorcist.

Luke later becomes the new parish priest with the dormant demon now inside of him. At least this film is fine, I'll give it that. The Possession is watchable, but not recommendable. The demon agrees and transfers bodies. Grace continues having nightmarish visions and experiences.

Li and Chan have a good time experimenting with the format, which translates into fun for the viewer, too. Sometimes it works, like Take Shelter, and sometimes it doesn't, like this film.

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What no one has seen before however, is this familiar tale of a devil within framed with offbeat and intriguing style. Honestly, this really isn't as bad as I was expecting. Upset, Grace goes out on the balcony. You don't see the film any differently, as you did in Maniac, where you saw a disturbed man's actions front and center, almost as if you were the one committing these horrible acts.

Except then the result is a paint-by-numbers project drawing more yawns than yelps from an audience hungry for fresher thrills. Super Reviewer I've been thinking of films about demonic possession and how The Exorcist absolutely changed the game for that subgenre. Father John intervenes and knocks Grace unconscious with a chalice.