Gotta go fast game newgrounds dating

Gotta go fast game newgrounds dating

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But to win the heart or the panties of a girl, you have to get to know them better. Cant decide wich one I like more, the assistance or the navigator. If you hate Bejeweled or are expecting a story-driven Visual Novel though, you'll definitely want to give this one a pass. Some of these have powerful effects, such as consuming all the Romance tokens on the board.

The Puzzle aspect, which is the meat of Huniepop, is deep and challenging. So get out there and conquer the ship. The gameplay changes up at this point, where the goal is to make as many matches as fast as possible. Then there is the bane of my existence, the purple broken heart tokens. The puzzle mechanics kept me on my toes, the characters were interesting, and the writing even had its moments.

The goal of Huniepop is simple, get the girl or girls. Well, that was the first of many mistakes I was to make in prematurely judging this game. Quite a few girls to have fun with, sex sequences are not elaborated but decent enough to make them fun. Some other games, you tend to get lost with what you need to do next.

You are an extremely hopeless guy or girl, surprisingly when it comes to women. But where Huniepop excelled was in the art and voice department. It could have been better by having realistic cumshots though.

Kopianget and Ninamo-chan are excellent artists, capturing that anime-esque style perfectly while adding their own distinct flair. It's a puzzle game, so there's plenty of replay value, even more since you can unlock other characters. Avoid them like the plague.

Accomplishing that goal not so simple

Plenty of beautiful women with wonderful poses. These pictures would get more racy the closer you get to them. There no game over in the game, or any penalty at all for your choices.

Of course it has its flaws, but it never stopped me from enjoying the game as much as I did. Got me horny when the firstsex scene appeared. It also allows you to manage your items and stats, and buy food, drinks and gifts.

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Beli, Jessie, Aiko, Tiffany, Kyu. Matching these will lower your score. Like Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga, the objective is to swap one token with another to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more tokens of the same color.

Many alternate story and option and so on. Accomplishing that goal, not so simple. Those moments literally made smile.

To my surprise, the sex scenes take place in the form of a puzzle, complete with moans and heavy breathing. Gotta max out those stats before I start unlocking characters.

The plot is actually plausible. The girls are drawn well and the action is varied enough to hold ones interest. If they ever make a Visual Novel version of Huniepop, they might as well take my money now.