Gohan vs broly latino dating

Gohan vs broly latino dating

Anyway let me know what you think. When the light faded where the two had stood before now only stood one warrior who looked a lot like Supreme Kai but with Kibito's hair.

An instant later Goku felt another huge power as well as Gohan ascended to the third level of Super Saiyan. Gohan witnessed the entire incident, becoming more and more enraged as Videl's outcome worsened. First by insisting that he train her to fly and then by forcing him to fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament along with her. If you've absorbed Broly then you should know you don't stand a chance.

If you've absorbed BrolyAs the two boys flew offThat was why he

He's too strong for you to do any good and I don't want to have to worry about him absorbing you too. Naturally, the film starred Mr.

First by insisting that

Sure he'd missed his family and not being able to see them as often as if he'd been alive but he'd been able to tell himself that it was for the good of the earth. For that reason, anyone in Gohan's life who knew about his superhero secret couldn't help but to give him some grief over it. To top it all off, Chichi and Videl's fathers were both successful fighters, each earning the title of World Martial Arts Champion at different points in their competitive careers. You have til the count of five before i destroy you.

Blood flew from the monster's mouth from the force of the blow but Buu never had a chance to react as Gohan brought both fists down on the Majin's head sending him into the ground hard. She used this knowledge to blackmail Gohan into teaching her to fly. The boy was more powerfull then him. Videl even vocally cheered him on while he was performing his goofy superhero poses.

As the two boys flew off in the other direction, Buu flew back at Gohan and began throwing kicks and punches at the Saiyan warrior like crazy. That was why he wanted to make sure the boys were not near enough to the fight to be able to interfere if they thought things were going to go bad.

An instant laterGohan witnessed the entire

The blast seemed to engulf Gohan shoving him down into a deep crater that was forming around him and the blast. Goten showed great enthusiasm at the thought of Videl becoming his sister.

Less then ten minutes later the two were back and everyone that had been killed had been revived. This story starts at the beginning of dbz. Gohan looked back over his shoulder and saw that the two boys were leaving as he blocked the blows with relative ease. Now obviously evil could find it's way to earth with or without him. Videl similarly won Gohan through bribery and blackmail.

Gohan quickly used instant transmission to teleport out of the way and came up behind Buu with a knee to the monster's stomach hard. Gohan was going to finish him off and he could do nothing about it. This could be bad the Saiyan thought to himself.

Despite his valiant efforts to do some good in the world, those around him couldn't help but notice what a cheese fest he really was. And if he'd been alive he'd be down there protecting the ones he loved not sitting up here watching helplessly. Gohan quickly fazed out of sitht and appeared between the monster and his friends sending a round house kick into the villian's head sending him flying quickly in the other direction.

The goo flew toward Buu and covered him as he laughed his insane laugh. In the next instant the blast shot past Buu almost taking his head off and into space where it safely exploded.

Cocoa threatened to reveal Gohan's superhero persona if he did not give her a kiss. Videl and Goten had a lot of time to bond, they were both trained to fly by Gohan at the same time. In the second Broly movie, she tends to Goten the entire time, without Gohan being around. Gohan's power actually dawrfed Buu's new found power but he didn't know how long his son could keep that up.