Gay dating affiliates

Gay dating affiliates

If the account does not accrue this minimum during the month, the payment will be held over until the following month and so on until the condition is satisfied. There is a minimum required to be accrued before payment can be made.

You will receive your commission through the post by cheque payable at the rate of exchange applicable at the time of the transaction. Affiliates are responsible for charges relating to currency conversion that their bank may charge. Therefore if the price is reduced or increased for any reason, then the commission will also reflect that change.

You will receive your commissionThere is a minimum required

Well that is really up to you. You can retrieve the code for banners or text links from the affiliate center. Once your application is accepted, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail. Affiliate Program Affiliate Scheme Thank you for showing interest in our affiliate scheme. Below is information about our affiliate scheme and how it works.

If the account does not accrue