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Take a look at some sexy french men who put even sculpted Greek gods to shame. He died in a car crash during the National Championship. Together with Bertha Benz he founded Mercedes-Benz. French Singers Check out some famous french men who can sing and play music as beautifully as they look. The play became the longest continuously-running play in history.

Also, never google for his shirtless pictures, you might not be able to handle the hotness. Kendji Girac Kendji Girac This french singer needs no introduction if you know and love pop music.

He is credited with hymns, many of which remain in use today. Gaspard Ulliel, French actor and model. France is home to gourmet food, expensive wines, scenic locations and of course, hot french boys.

Well, this gorgeous being is him all grown up. The album was sold to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia. What with his height, sharp facial features, slicked back hair and luscious beard. He died from a brain tumor.

He is known for works in fantasy, historical novels and a number of short stories. French men are known to be one of the sexiest beings in the universe. Hastings Banda, Malawian physician and politician. Yukio Mishima, Japanese author and poet, actor and director. Lope de Vega, Spanish playwright, poet and novelist.

Dinah Sheridan, English actress. Excuse me while I try not faint from his extreme sexiness. He is well-known actor in France, the leading role in Hannibal Rising brought him an international acclaim. And of course, he had to be on our list of hot french boys and men.

He was one of the key figures in the Spanish Golden Century of Baroque literature. The port city of Coringa was destroyed and never completely rebuilt. After participating on The Voice and winning it, he shot to fame and has released two hit albums since then. Ben Stein, American writer, lawyer and actor.

He is knownFrench men are known to be

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Richard Burns, English rally driver. Florent Manaudou Florent Manaudou Competitive swimmer and an Olympic winner, Floret Manaudou, takes up a spot on our list of sexy french boys. Burns was the World Rally Champion. He fought in both World Wars, becoming a national hero. In he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Hastings Banda Malawian physician

Jack Albertson, American actor, singer and musician. Mishima was three times nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. They have impeccable style. He is generally regarded as the inventor of the first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine. Christina Applegate, American actress and dancer.