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Nightmare Church a perfect place for a Murder, it's fun to explore and has great places to hide dead bodies. So now you can play as a random grunt from your favorite faction in the S. Ever wanted to recreate a Garfield comic strip within Garry's Mod?

If you're awesome the world is your oyster, mass changing guns, melon cannons, jetpacks. Unlike normal games there aren't any predefined aims or goals.

Dreadnaught Airship

This map aims to re-create trench warfare from the Great War itself. Rope some cans to the back. Have you ever wanted to roll up on someone in a giant airship within Garry's Mod?

Addons - Garry s Mod

Once you have that, you'll need upload it to Dropbox and copy the link for it. Guess you'll just have to use your imagination for that one.

Everything you need is included! Have you ever wanted to rock the microphone straight from the top of your dome in Garry's Mod? Developer Facepunch Studios. As you can probably already imagine, this has the potential for plenty of uses in different game modes, servers, or creating scenes within Garry's Mod itself. It allows you to craft different potions and concoctions, including a variety of recipes and ingredients to choose from within Garry's Mod.

Gameboy Advance Prop

Addons - Garry s Mod

Soviet posters for gmod that i got from the steam workshop site an everythang so here you go, have fun. Share anywhere to participate click for details. Dan Roemer Featured Contributor. That's right, make your own weapons.

Garry s Mod

Packed and uploaded by Mostly Harmless. Who doesn't want to shoot headcrab zombies with Garfield? The player is in a world where objects can be created and destroyed on demand.

We suggest you try the addon list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Hardware Graphics Cards Peripherals Components.

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Just good luck finding an actual map big enough to really make use of this monstrosity. Garry's Mod has been around for well over a decade, but mods for the game continue to be released on a nearly day to day basis on the Steam workshop. Reupload of a steam workshop addon that is now gone, contains some props from resistance and liberation.

Players are given tools and are left to entertain themselves. Not only are they props, they spawn! Merry Xmas - Here are some Modificated Player models for your personal use, have fun. If you're new you can change simple things like rate of fire, models, sounds. Nazi posters i found on the steam work shop so heil hitler and here you go an everythang n stuff k sir.

Addons - Garry s Mod

It depicts the Black Mesa logo with Gordon Freeman on top of it crowbar-ing a headcrab. Other Culture Indie eSports Video. Mod appreciation week spread the love, encore music software win games!

Addons - Garry s Mod - Mod DB

That sounds like my cup of tea. Do you have any mod recommendations? Using Lua you can create a custom weapon to do just about anything. So now you can download that Gameboy Advance prop from the start of this list and potentially turn it into a functional Gameboy Advance within Garry's Mod! Perfect for spicing up your own server or favorite game mode, the Alchemy mod lets you pull off shenanigans like tricking your friends into drinking certain potions or turning them into head crabs.

Where people can be created and destroyed with the click of a mouse. Ever wanted your favorite candy in gmod as a prop well here you go and now you can eat sugar all day. Not only are these curators making adjustments to the mods they've already created, but they're also creating brand new mods, too.

Scroll for Single Page View. It allows you to emulate the Gameboy Advance within Garry's Mod.

This is a background of the female assassin or combine assassin for garrys mod. No addons were found matching the criteria specified. You'll be playing video games within a video game.

Axis a wheel to it to create a working car. This mod adds the potential to really mix up different modes and games within Garry's Mod. Vortigaunt playermodel is not from me, shock trooper made by me.