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The Arima family from Kare Kano suffered from a continuing cycle of abuse and heartache. But on the other hand, they seem to not care about anyone but themselves. Said sorceress, Naga the Serpent, journeyed with Lina for some time.

The Roark family from Sin City. The Vinsmoke clan, supposed to be allies to Big Mom, aren't much better. And, poor Alluka is the almost gothic, obligatory Madwoman in the Attic. And Gaara himself magnificently called his dad out on his bullshit. They only seemed to get worse with time.

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Nothing is ever seen in the series proper, but Word of God stated that Gourry Gabriev the swordsman of Slayers has one. For the record, the kindly matriarch Sora pretty much killed herself in a desperate gambit to reverse the modifications on the unborn boys, but only managed to save Sanji. The cast never quite draws this conclusion though as, unlike Ryuko and Nui, Senketsu's form is that of clothing. He would appear again two seasons later.

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They essentially control the entire area on which their estate is, and one of their traditions is to have a ceremony where they force people to marry whoever they first make eye contact with. This family is often contrasted by the existence of a more traditional, if poorer, family, love online dating free where everyone loves and supports each other despite occasional bickering.

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The Akabas, who continue this tradition, are this mixed with Tangled Family Tree. This makes Jotaro his nephew Jotaro being about twice Josuke's age and Jotaro's mother Holly his older sister. Almost all of them are orphans brought together by tragedy. On the one hand, they seem to care about each other, even share dinner together at one table. They also like to wage war with other families.

Similarly one could also count Senketsu among the family, being the second human Life Fiber hybrid created by Soichirou. Barbara was crippled and had to rebuild her life as a paraplegic superheroine. Yup, just a generally screwed up family with some very twisted forms of love and caring underneath it all. She was originally going to share an onscreen kiss with Benson. If the family is screwed up in the narrative sense, because of complexity, Continuity Snarls and the like, see Tangled Family Tree instead.

Reiichirou later connected with another woman, where Reiji was conceived, but harassment from the Arima family caused the woman to attempt murder-suicide with Reiji, destroying the boy emotionally. The Britannia royal family in Code Geass are certainly the embodiment of this trope.

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Downplayed with Josuke, who was fathered by Joseph Joestar. They argue, they're petty and some of them are downright bastards. While the Ishidas and Kurosakis come from a White Sheep non-genocidal faction, they're still mired in conflict with the evil majority and their immediate family relationships are still a hot mess. Eiko became a bitter and angry person who couldn't get over her broken dreams, but Soji managed to rise above it and ultimately become a better man.

Said daughter is also the head of the family. Don't even get started on his father.

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The Pride in Runaways is a collection of messed up families. The eldest son Pride tends to be a tad aloof and distanced from his siblings, and has a fairly impactful of a way of showing it. Contrast Thicker Than Water. Abusive behaviors of some kind are almost certain to have occurred.

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Sadly it doesn't mean that they are free of the consequences of where they live. Relatively being the operative word. Which Uryuu still did until Souken's murder. The Endless from The Sandman portray this trope very well. Kill la Kill has the Kiryuuin family.

Gourry himself finally decided to steal the Sword of Light and leave the family once and for all. We start with a basic family of Reiji, Himika, Leo and Reira. The Hatamoto, Yabuchi and Nagato families. The author of the novels stated that Gourry's only family left are a grandmother and a dead older brother. They have secrets, skeletons in their cupboards sometimes literally and are overly proud of their long and bloody history.

One simply does not know where to start. The other had already gone crazy long ago and was probably doing it for fun, and then went on to trigger the war the other one wanted to prevent, anyway. It's eventually revealed that the mother did not curse Gaara, but the father had ordered the uncle to tell him she did in order to test him. Most of this can be blamed on their father, whose abuse gave Marik a Superpowered Evil Side whose first act was to become a Self-Made Orphan. The Kaidou family, which Kio comes from.

We can officially list Bruce Banner's family at this point. In the present time, Xai is an absolutely brutal emotionally abusive father who made his son Oz into a suicidal Stepford Smiler who believes he isn't worthy of love. Eldest son Grant was a Psycho for Hire who ended up killing himself when going up against the Teen Titans. And Canada is shown to do quite better later. First Dick was raised by Bruce and suffered tension to the point that they seemed ready to break.

The odd one out on this family is Cardeas's illegitimate son, Banagher Links. The Origin the Deikun family, whom the Zabis deposed, were in some ways even worse. The Takedas don't fare much better.