List of Total Drama injuries

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He was also swallowed by Larry. He is then caught by Jo, who then drops him on the ground. During the second challenge, Heather threw several Gemmies at him, one of which hits him in the groin. Scott proceeds to laugh, only to be crashed into by Cameron.

He was also stomped by a mutant cockroach while protecting his team's flag. He also knocks into several pillars before crashing into the giant baseball glove. Also several blind mutant gophers pile on top of Cameron. Heather walks on the ramp, hurting Cameron even more. Later while trying to get to his go-cart, he is attacked by laser eye squirrels.

He is blown off the boat by a bomb with the other contestants, and he crashes onto a rock before smashing into Anne Maria's rock-solid hair. Mal then throws Gwen, who lands on top of Cameron. This causes serious injuries, as he has to be put on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

List of Total Drama injuries

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When Mike and Zoey tumble down the mountain, they crash into Cameron, dropping him on a rock. In Evil Dread Cameron steps on a trap and is flung into the air.

Revenge of the Island In the Opening sequence he is reeled by B's fishing invention and thrown into the air. When Lightning comes swinging on a vine to get Larry, he pushes Cameron out of the way, causing Cameron to fall on top of Zoey.

Scott then pushed him into one of his traps and Cameron was launched into the air.

During the second challengeHe was also swallowed by Larry