Colin egglesfield dating history

Colin egglesfield dating history

Erica is torn between them. And then the show takes on a form of itself.

Jack finds out and breaks things off with her. On his deathbed, he and Erica exchange vows. He had worked with some of the cast before, so it just made sense to tell him about it. It was a big thing and pretty amazing to be involved in that. Along with the marriages, the character is also given a number of other love interests.

Bell created the archetype in the s and it became one of their defining legacies. And then by the middle of the season, your character was so much fun. It was so neat to see all these connections. He became bitter and sort of cruel to Erica. She attempts to help him out of his current circumstances, but he ends up betraying her and leaving Pine Valley.

On his deathbed he and EricaIt was a big thing and

Though Lucci's olive complexion held her back from other acting opportunities, it worked in her favor while up for the role of Erica. By the time the season reached its halfway point, your character was one we were looking forward to seeing. They become engaged to be married but Erica calls it off.

In that story, Erica is used as one of the devices separating Tara and Phil. The show really started to pick up steam, and by the end, I think everyone was doing a fantastic job. Another great actor I did a sci-fi show with him called Seattle Superstorm. They gave me a character in the second one whose name literally was Matty.

He had worked with some
Jack finds out and breaks things

Adam eventually grants Erica a divorce, freeing her to be with Dimitri. Recently, Matty and I finally carved out some time to chat about his career during which we concentrated heavily on his recent and upcoming roles.