Lee Soo Hyuk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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We hope that Lee Soo Hyuk will continue to stay handsome naturally for the years to come. Share this story to all your chingus Facebook Twitter Related Posts. From the before and after pictures of Lee Soo Hyuk, we see that his mouth remains largely the same. Overall, Lee Soo Hyuk is one of the rare Korean celebrities who have yet to undergo the knife. With a rounder face, some netizens could not believe that it may be a case of weight gain.

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They speculate that Lee Soo Hyuk underwent a bout of botox injections to fill his face up. He remains a firm favorite amongst fans of Korean dramas. After all, his angular look is one of his special features that enable him to stand out from other male stars. This decision he made is probably his best yet, and he has yet to make an outstanding drama. May he never give in to the temptation of plastic surgery.

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More Plastic Surgery Gossip. Lee Soo Hyuk is a popular South Korean model and actor.

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However, we highly doubt so. Lee Soo Hyuk and Mouth adjustments Some other outrageous rumors include mouth surgery to adjust the shape of his mouth. This is a game changer for Lee Soo Hyuk, and a very good turning point.

In earlier photos of Lee Soo Hyuk, he has a natural angular face. However, lately, there has been gossip about his changing looks and whether he has undergone extensive plastic surgery to attain his looks. However, in the case of Lee Soo Hyuk, some netizens suggest that he has used botox to increase his facial mass. Perhaps Lee Soo Hyuk put on different makeup styles, creating the illusion that he might have undergone the knife. You can tell that his facial features are very unique, whereby any slight adjustments using plastic surgery will be very obvious.